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Essential Oil for Kids

Hey y'all! I waited for this subscription box. Using essential oils for kids must be used with caution and proper dilution. Some may find it confusing and overwhelming. Unapologetically, I was one of those moms so I tend to buy synergy mix or blends to avoid messing it up. Some blends can get really expensive. I've purchase homework and focus blend as well as allergy blend for the kids.

I am excited to show you what Simply Earth's July box looks like. As always the box came with great kid-safe recipes (and a fun activity that kids absolutely loves - SLIME).

Simply Earth's July box is all about kids! Included in the box are six recipe cards, labels, four full-size essential oils, simply earth balloon, and psyllium husk. If you got the BIG BONUS BOX, those extra containers and roller bottles are handy.

The July box recipes are kid-safe! As I have mentioned proper dilution is very important and NOT recommended for children under the age of two. Included in the recipe box includes homework diffuser blend. When our girls get home from school, I would diffuse a homework blend that will help them focus and feel relax.

I also have to mention that using EO topically must follow proper dilution. Even with diffusion, for kids age 2 to 5, diffuse 1 to 2 drops of EO in an open room for 30 minutes or less and for kids ages 6 to 10,  1 to 5 drops in an open room for 30 minutes or less.

Aside from diffusing EO, we also have a synergy blend for focus. That's why I love the recipe provided by Simply Earth as you can also use the same blend for a rollerball bottle. It saves me money and we absolutely love the scent!

If you still find the dilution confusing, Simply Earth has provided a very easy to understand dilution chart. You can download them HERE.

We are also excited to make the Natural Slime and the DIY Scented Stress Ball! I mean, who doesn't get excited with DIY slime? Our kiddos are absolutely obsessed with them. I love that it uses natural ingredients even though food coloring is optional. If you must use coloring, opt for natural food coloring. The scented stress ball is not just for adults! Squishy balls are excellent for strengthening grip, increases concentration, and therapeutic purposes.

As always every purchase you make with Simply Earth helps fight the cause to stop human trafficking.  13 percent of their profits help several organizations in fighting human trafficking.

Here are a few stats:

Between 14,500 to 17, 500 individuals are trafficked into the US each year.

The average age of children that enters the sex trade is 12 to 14 years old.

The three largest cities that harbor child trafficking are Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Simply Earth's July Cause of the Months is A21: Amsterdam. To read more and see how you can make a difference, visit:

Simply Earth does not only offer subscription boxes, but you can also order supplies and individual EO as well. Their blog is such an amazing and useful resource if you are looking to educate yourself with the use of essential oils.

Subscription boxes are $39/month. If you buy the products individually, normally it will cost you around $100 (depending on the type of oil and size). That is a significant saving!  Last month's box sold-out so don't wait too long to order.

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