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Our Defense Against Winter Sickness

Last Year was just a busy year for us. Between church commitments, school events, writing and blogging deadlines and an International trip.. don't ask me how we did it. I don't know either! Kidding aside, we did hit a lot of roadblocks along the way. We made adjustments here and there with our schedule and gave ourselves room ( days sometimes) to breathe. When you have a busy family life and a calendar packed with to do's, appointments and responsibilities, it is easy to lose focus of what is important.

In spite of all the busyness that we had, we are grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that God had opened for us. For His grace to be able to adjust with whatever life may throw at us. One thing I am thankful for is discovering these vitamins and supplements for our family. This is not a paid post, though I did use affiliate links. I am just so happy with these products that I had to share. Last year, it really did feel like our kids were sick the whole winter. When you have school-age kids, you know what I mean. It is so hard to keep your kids from getting sick. It seems like our eldest went to school every day to shop for a cold or fever.

PLEASE KNOW THAT I AM NOT A PEDIATRICIAN and I am not in the medical field. Before giving these products to our kids, we did CONSULT OUR KID'S PEDIATRICIAN. I strongly suggest that you do the same.

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I did not get any free item to post. I am just a happy and contented mom, very satisfied with the products. However, I provided amazon affiliate links where to buy it and so you can also read the reviews for yourself.

We had used the Flintstones and Lil Critters gummy vitamins. I started them on Flintstones. It is very affordable and it seemed like the right choice that would get our daughters to take vitamins. Then we tried the gummies. It took several attempts because they just got really used to the little chewable vitamins. I did my own reading and research. Just like anything else, you will find good and bad reviews.

Because it felt like our girls were sick almost all the time in spite of the constant reminders to wash their hands, to drink plenty of water and to get enough sleep...We decided to change things up with their vitamins and supplements. I went online, read the reviews first. BEFORE I ORDERED it, I printed the information ( info on the back label) and forwarded it to their pediatrician. I made sure that I got the green light from their pediatrician first. 

Here are the products that we've been using for a while now.

1. Tropical Oasis Multiple Vitamin Mineral

I was advised by the pediatrician that the best form of vitamins for kids of course are from real foods. Not all kids can get all the vitamins and minerals when they are picky eaters, vitamins in liquid form is the best way to go since some tablets and gummies are packed with sugar. What I love about this product is that it has more vitamins and minerals than a child needs. It is also fruity and tasty ...according to my picky kiddos.

2. Nature's Way Sambucus for Kids

We are really happy that we discovered and tried this product. Aside from honey and lemon , this is our first line of defense during the cold season.  Elderberries does our body good but needs to be standardized for kids. Did I mention that our girls used to be sick for at least two weeks? It felt like a month long battle. This helped our girl's immune system. We would give a teaspoon for everyday maintenance , and 2 teaspoons for when they have the bug . We swear by this supplement! With a kid in school and being exposed to sickness all the time...We highly recommend this product ( Reminder: Ask your Pediatrician first before adding or changing your child's vitamins and supplements). In fact, even me and my husband take a tablespoon of this when we are sick ( together with Yogi Throat Comfort tea)

3. Barleans Kids Omega Swirl Fish Oil

Our girls love this! There is NO fishy smell. Not unlike the other brands that claim to have no fish smell but do have one. It does taste like a smoothie while it gives the benefits of Omega-3's. I'll be honest, we do try to serve fish at least once a week.I am aware that you can get Omega 3 not just in fish but for those days that they don't get the daily serving needed for their brain development, this is my recommendation.

These three along with vitamin c and children's probiotics are our go-to daily vitamins and supplements for our girls. While there is a debate on whether vitamins are really needed and beneficial, know that again..I am not a Pediatrician or a specialist. Just like you, I am a mother who likes to give the best for her kids and provide the essentials for their growth.

Along with these "reinforcements", it is very important to also provide a balanced diet. Choosemyplate.gov is a free online resource that provides information, guidelines, and tips on healthy eating.

Image Source: myplate.gov

When I and my husband are also not feeling well we also use raw honey, Yogi's throat comfort tea, and chamomile tea.  I do love Yogi Tea Throat comfort when  I have a sore throat. It gives me instant relief. It is organic and safe for kids too. 

Other suggestions: Mix a teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm chamomile tea.

Keeping their shots up to date is VERY important as well. Remind your kids to always wash their hands and to get plenty of rest. Nothing beats a full night's sleep and a warm bowl of Chicken Soup.

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