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Unifix Cubes Activities plus Free Printables

 I love using Unifix cubes during math homework time. I have used it both for our girls when I used to homeschool them for preschool. It is so much easier to teach basic math skills when kids use manipulatives. Some children are truly gifted in math. Some find math challenging and using manipulatives such as unifix cubes helps them understand and visualize number facts. For those who are not familiar with Unifix Cubes, these are colorful cubes that interlock together and comes apart easily.  There are a handful of activities that you can do with the Unifix Cubes like counting, sorting, addition, subtraction, patterns and more.

Here are some great ideas to do with the cubes plus a FREE PRINTABLE.

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1.  Counting

Use the cubes as a counting manipulative. It teaches the concept of hands-on counting.

You can always use number flashcards too.

2. Patterns

Recognizing patterns is a part of basic Math. Every Math workbook has a page or two about making patterns.  For younger kids, start with a very simple color pattern. For older kids, you can teach the number pattern concept.

3. Addition and Subtraction

Teach the concept of adding and subtracting by using flashcards. Use a different cube color for each number being added or subtracted to learn the idea of separate number or quantity.

Click here for the free ADDITION FLASHCARDS.

Free Addition Flashcard printable

Click here for the free SUBTRACTION FLASHCARDS.

Free Subtraction flashcards

4. Place Values

Use the cubes for teaching place values by putting cubes in rows of ten (to represent the tens place). and individual cubes (to represent the ones place). For example,  place 2 sets of tens and 5 ones in front if your child. Ask your child to count the amount in the ones place and then the tens place.  See the cubes below.

Then have them determine the number.

Place Value printable

5. Simple word problems.

Create simple problems that your child can comprehend and use the unifix cubes to solve the simple problem. An example of a simple word problem :

Lexi bought 5 boxes of apples when she got home she only had 3 boxes of apples. She forgot (blank) boxes in the store! How many boxes did Lexi forget in the store?

6. Fine motor skills for tots at home.

Use the cubes for simple fine motor activity. The cubes are very easy to pull apart and put together.

7. Color Sorting

The cubes are great for sorting too. I would ask our 3 yr old to sort all the colors and she enjoys it!

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  1. I love Unifix cubes. You can do so much with them... they're such a diverse manipulative.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. me too Jennifer! My pleasure :) Thank you for stopping by!

  2. What a great resource, and thanks for all the printables! My son is only two, but I'll definitely be pinning this for future reference. Also, thanks so much for co-hosting Merry Monday with us! It's so nice to have you! :)

    1. Hi Christine, my pleasure! I am so happy to be able to co host for two weeks. Thank you for the pin, I appreciate it :)


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