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Hair Bows and Hair Accessories Organization

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I used to make and sell bows. We have two girls , and I just couldn't help myself making bows for them! On top of that , they get hair accessories gifts from relatives and friends , dollar stores have A LOT of cute hair pieces for little girls. I LOVE..fixing their hair do's and dressing them up with cute outfits. With that , these lil frills can be everywhere! Luckily too ,  I have a patient hubby who ends up picking  those dainty trinkets and hair pieces from the floor, under the bed , and other nooks and crevices.

Having a designated area for all the frills , will keep the clutter under control.  Here's a few ideas on how we organized ( and try our best) and keep it from being messy.

This is a fabric message board that we purchased at Michael s ( most stores sell this) . I just inserted several pieces of ribbon ( different widths , colors and designs) , diagonally at the opposite side. This is to accommodate  more hair bows and clips , as well as for the different sizes.  For hanging it on the wall  , I picked out a good wide ribbon , a staple gun and a hook.

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We also purchased this at Micheals , could not remember how much but I am sure we used a 40 % coupon with it so it is cost effective. Those small pouches holds small pair of clips , claw clips and bunches of pony tail holders.

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I made this using a regular plastic shoe organizer , purchased at walmart for $12 . It was very long , so I cut it in half (using the other half in our kitchen to hold pouches of kid snacks , granola bars , oatmeal / breakfast packets etc) .  I used a regular wooden hanger , some fabric scraps & felt fabric .

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This holds their necklaces , bracelets , hair brushes , hair detangler spray.

Lastly , this is a just an empty oatmeal container. I covered it with a nice scrapbook paper . It is where we hang all the headbands and inside it is where we put all the crochet / stretchable headbands. Frugal isn't it?

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Lots of Love ,

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  1. I love the cute girly accessories Khit and your style of organization.
    Blessings :-)

  2. Such great ways to stay organized with girly things. I'll be pinning this to my organization board. Hope you drop by the party again tomorrow and thanks for linking up @DearCreatives Theresa

    1. Hi Theresa! wow..thank you..i appreciate that ♥ I will ..Happy weekend!


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