Homemade GROWTH CHART - Easy and made with Love - A Bountiful Love

Homemade GROWTH CHART - Easy and made with Love

We were hunting for a growth chart for big sister and was surprised on how expensive it was for a chart that is not even 5 ft! Hubby and I thought .."we can make one ourselves!"..and we did.

 At a big box baby store, a growth chart can cost around $30.00 ( w/o the tax, eek!). Ours cost less than $20.00, made with love and we enjoyed making it together.


1. Can of spray paint ($3.00/can)
2. Sawtooth ( picture hanger) , some screws too,..if u want to secure the chart better. ($3-4/pack)
3. Wood, 6ft x 51/2"
4. 8x10 craft felt cloth ($1 )
5. Cut out Craft animals ( .25 - .50 cents each)
6. tape measure, ruler, painters marker ( sharpie will work too) , Scissor, liquid nail/ Wood Glue, Pencil

Quick tip:
 Instead of using the felt cloth, you can also use cut out letters, or just paint the letters yourself too.
#1-3, can be bought at your local home improvement store, #1 u can also use craft paint. #4-5, bought at our local craft store. #6 supplies that are already in your house :)


1. Since, we already bought a wood that is primed.We just took it outside for the paint job ( no brainer, should well ventilated of course!). We chose bubble gum pink.

2. Let it dry and air out. With a tape measure , make the chart markings (inch and feet marks) in very light pencil. Make longer markings on the feet markings so you can see the difference between the inch and feet marks.

3.Using a paint marker or a sharpie make the markings permanent. . Mark the feet numbers, you can start with 2 feet (you will hang your chart up 2 feet off the ground) so you will have a 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet marker on the chart)

4. Attach the Sawtooth hook on the back, make sure this is straight and centered on your chart. We secured it with 2 more screws at the bottom since Lucy loves to pull. For our own peace of mind, it is worth it.

5.Turn the chart back over to the front, now place wood animal shapes and letters on how you want them to be.  Piece by piece apply glue to the backs and place back on the chart.  Make sure the chart stays lying flat until IT DRIES COMPLETELY.

6. Hang it using picture hangers or you can permanently screw it to the wall. Use a sharpie to mark your kid's height and date.

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  1. Thank you for linking up at Homemakers Challenge DIY Accomplished!

    Love your growth chart! Makes me long for little tiny people again. :)

    1. Thank you for hosting. Love your blog! Been reading you ( through email updates) for quite a while . They grow up really fast , she was a 2 yrs old when we made it for our daughter. She's now 4! Thanks for stopping by..

  2. I love this project! Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives weekly party! I am pinning it on my baby page and will share it when I do a baby diy round up! Theresa

  3. Hi Theresa, pleasure is mine. Appreciate you for stopping by ! Have a wonderful weekend..

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