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Drive Revenue with Newsletter

If you are a work at home mom or a stay at home, I'm sure that you have tried ways to cut spending and earn extra money. Blogging had been a blessing to me and to a lot of moms and students out there. I have shared before that there are several ways to generate sidelines or small income from home. Some sidelines may not be significant but it is helpful on paying a couple of bills or even pay your groceries. I have shared How to Sell Stock Photography and How Bloggers Earn Money. There are even opportunities out there that don't require you to have a blog. However, depending on your goal, having a blog definitely makes a huge difference.

Building your email list is imperative and so is building a relationship with your readers. It is possible to also generate income from newsletters by cultivating that relationship. All you need si creativity, be willing to observe and learn from your readers, and a little bit of research (as far as the appropriate email marketing platform, campaign, and offers).

The world of ad revenue is changing for publishers and bloggers. While ads used to be displayed primarily on media sites and on social media, they’re now displayed in email as well. In fact, email newsletters filled with ads and sponsored content represent a huge opportunity for publishers who want to drive revenue. There are plenty of ways to increase revenue as you craft and curate your newsletters. You can get paid for your content via subscriptions, sell ad space within your emails, and host sponsored content—all with the aim of generating revenue.

 Today, we’re sharing how you can generate revenue using your email newsletters. We’ll focus on three primary opportunities: subscription models, ad space, and sponsored content to highlight 6 ways to drive revenue with highly relevant email newsletters.

 Use a subscription model.

 One of the most popular methods to drive revenue for publishers is to charge a subscription for content. After all, it costs money to receive a newspaper or magazine in print, and that method was translated to the internet long ago. Even though we’re in the digital age, content subscriptions still represent an opportunity for revenue. But you have to create email marketing campaigns that highlight paid content to encourage readers to subscribe.

 1. Balance freemium and premium content.

If you’re using a paid subscription model, then you must balance what you give away for free with premium content. The goal is always to encourage more casual readers, those who read the free content, to sign up for a premium subscription. One way to inspire the transition from free to paid content is to show the beginning of an article or post in the email body. This entices the reader and makes them feel like they have privileged access to the content. After the intro or first half of the article has been reached, then a CTA is placed below, prompting to read the rest of the article by clicking through.

Once the reader is on the website, the rest of the article is hidden until they sign up for a subscription. If the article is really good, the reader will hopefully convert and add to your revenue. Another way to drive revenue is to offer a mix of free content and paid content. Your email could contain the copy from a free post, for example, then give links to paid posts either at the beginning or end of the email.

The same effect occurs: people will see the free content and may be more inclined to click through to the paid content, thus increasing the chance of converting to a paid member. Either of these methods can work extremely well if you have premium content. The New York Times does this to drive not only 12% of their website traffic but to increase subscriptions as well.

 Here’s a great example of sending a free article, with opportunities to view premium content—which would require a subscription to view. Email Marketing Content - Free and Paid Content.

If you’re a content marketer or publisher, you’re probably already following one of these methods with your email marketing campaigns. The crux here is to make the content relevant. Using a preferences center to sort out types of newsletters can guide your content to extreme relevance.

2. Send automated content Automation makes everything easier. Integrating your email marketing platform with third-party services will make everything smarter and segmenting easier. On the heels of talking about sending free content, it’s important to speak to using an RSS feed or blog integration to automatically pull content into an email template.
Most blog hosts provide RSS abilities, so you just need to pull the details from those and place it into a recurring email (see how here). Automatically push published content into an email, and then provide relevant suggestions based on the topic you’ve designated for that post.
By sending out content automatically, and bringing in similar or supporting content that might be premium, you can increase engagement with your audience, relevance with supporting articles, and conversion from the combination of both.

Sell ad space in your email marketing campaign

 Publishers and content marketers have long relied on print and website ads to create revenue. The world of ads has opened up to email marketing campaigns, potentially making your emails even more profitable.
There are a few models of newsletter ads that you can implement into your email marketing campaigns. We highlight more in our Guide to Cultivating Loyal Readers, but summarized below are some ad opportunities you can put into action today.

3. Create dynamic content banner ads 

Banner ads have been huge sources of revenue on websites for ages. Now you can utilize banner ads in your email content to make even more from your email marketing campaigns.
The key here is relevance. We’ll continue to highlight relevance as we speak to other types of ads because this is hugely important if you want to get results for your advertising partners.
When it comes to banner ads, they need to be appropriate for the recipient. It doesn’t make sense to have ads for cosmetics in an email marketing campaign that highlights home improvement.

Apart from matching the content, it’s also important to match the recipient. Utilizing demographic information based on gender and location is a great start. You can tailor your ads to fit the type of person you’re emailing to. Going a step further, if you can incorporate these demographics with past campaign information—emails opened, content clicked on— you can begin incorporating dynamic banner ads based on segments you’ve created.

4. Send a series with next-step ads Challenges and mini-series can be really successful spots for ads. These are series of emails centered around a very specific topic, as a challenge to “Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days” or a series on “Planning Your Next City Exploration”. Series are typically sent at a different cadence than your normal newsletter, helping people hone in on these pieces, especially if they’re relevant to what the person is looking for.

Because these series are so specific, they’re perfect placements for relevant ads.
There’s an opportunity at the top or bottom of every email in the series to include an ad directly tied to that topic. Using the two mentioned above, you could sell ad space to a company that sells at-home workout equipment or shipped meals that are low-calorie for the weightloss series. Likewise, you could sell ad space to hotels, printed guides, or city passes in a city exploration series.
Utilizing content relevance to drive your ad spots serves your email marketing campaigns in multiple ways:

  • Ad buyers should see better results 
  • You can create more revenue because of better ad results 
  • People don’t get annoyed by seeing completely unrelated ads in the midst of your content 
  • Your content remains authoritative because the ads are relevant.

5. Use transactional emails

Transactional emails, sometimes called “system-triggered” emails, are automatic emails that are triggered by an action, such as signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, or placing an order (see our transactional email post here). Because some of these emails, like welcome emails, have such high open rates (a potentially 86% lift above regular emails), they’re perfect for ad spots.

Many retailers include promo codes in their welcome emails, offering a discount as a thank you. This is a prime position for a sponsored ad. You could offer thanks to the new subscriber by including an ad at the bottom that includes a discount. You’d probably want to stay away from purely promotional ads, but discounts can be viewed as gifts if positioned the right way.

Since welcome emails (and other transactional emails) get such high open rates, these spots should be sought after by your ad partners.

Host sponsored content 

You’re not cornered into sending out your content exclusively. If you have a list of decent size, other content marketers might be interested in promoting content that highlights a product or service they’re trying to sell.

6. Sponsored content posts

In the midst of your content newsletter, there are definite opportunities to include content from other companies and marketers. While it’s important to maintain your brand standards, you should be able to incorporate other content and get paid for it.

Check out this example from Apartment Therapy.

You’ll see in their list of content the promoted post in the bottom right. They serve up tons of great, relevant content, and include promotional posts in the curation. This example shows how easy and natural it can be for your email marketing campaign to incorporate sponsored content. Notice in that same email from Apartment Therapy that they also include an extremely relevant banner ad. For an email comprised of content about home and living, a spray mop is a perfectly relevant ad to see. Relevance can lead to revenue.

Wrap up 

The way the ads mentioned above become applicable and relevant makes them very natural to see, which leads to higher conversions. Higher conversions sell more ads, allowing your email newsletters to drive even more revenue. It’s worth the effort to make these ads look natural in the lineup of your email marketing campaigns. If your readers are having a great experience interacting with them, you’ll be able to generate more revenue as your ad partners see the value behind those placements.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Magic of Lights- Holiday Experience

One of our family's Christmas tradition is the driving around the neighborhood with hot cocoa in tow, and looking at the beautiful Christmas light show. My husband and I started this tradition even when the girls are too little to understand and appreciate. As they grow up, it was such a joy to hear their "ooh's and ahhh's."

We love all the festivities and activities leading up to Christmas. We love visiting local shops on the hunt for a rare and beautiful ornament. One of my memorable ornament hunting experience was when we went up to Forest Falls, CA. They have a small gift shop up there that is full of beautiful Christmas displays and ornaments. Our youngest was just a year and a half then, she is now 6 years old, and I still look back and smile at that memorable little shop we visited.

I was so excited that I am able to review and visit the Magic Lights of Fontana. I heard about it first through a friend, and I thought that the following year, we should try it!

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Fontana, CA coming from the Redlands area. It was our first time at the Auto Club Speedway so we really didn't know which gate to enter. Sure enough, we entered at the wrong gate! Husband and I are really impressed by their patience and friendliness. Evidently, we are not the only ones who got confused with the gate (as we entered at the first gate that we saw). They patiently and kindly showed u where the entrance is.

I was impressed by their customer service. Christmas can get overwhelming as well for some. In fact, I always discuss the "grinches" that are out on Christmas. People are busy shopping, at times people can be rude and undisciplined (just visit the toy aisle at Target or Ross). Customer service can be lacking because well...they get tired and irritated too! But at the Magic of Lights in Fontana, the staff are courteous and graceful.

When we finally got in, we got more impressed by their Christmas spirit and friendliness. Not a single grumpy staff. They gave us instructions and necklaces that light-up! We slowly cruised and as soon as I  heard the kids say their "ooh's and aah's"...I knew this trip was totally worth it!

Did I mention that our girls got sick on the day we first scheduled our visit? That was a bummer but I'm glad we made it before Christmas. While they were not feeling a hundred percent yet, I can tell that our visit lifted their spirits up.

My photos do not do the place justice. It is beautiful at the Magic of Lights! It will literally bring you holiday cheer. We love that it is themed too, our kids enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas area and I love the nativity area.

We sang the 12 days of Christmas in the car while the girls were pointing at each day's gift. Speaking of singing, you will be asked to tune in to a specific radio station while cruising and I absolutely loved it.  The girls also enjoyed an area that they called "Candyland". I don't remember what is it called, I just remember them squealing because we were on "Candyland".

Now let's talk about the Jolly Holiday Village. Along the route, you can make a stop to grab snacks, hot cocoa, decorate Snowman, watch holiday movies, and take a pictire with Santa!

I call it "refueling station". We grabbed nachos and churros for a night snack (they have burritos and tacos...youre welcome!). The kids were able to get out of the car and play a little bit. We also watched Frosty the Snowman for a while. The picture below is by far, the most awesome (and all of us agreed) scene of all. It is like a tunnel of lights. Like a tunnel because you drive through under those gorgeous lights. Again , my photos does not do the attraction any justice! It was such a fun experience for us! I am so glad we went. And guess what? It will be a part of our Christmas tradition.

About the Magic of Lights

The magic of Lights runs November to December 31.

The family-friendly drive-through experience produced by Fun Guys Events returns to Auto Club Speedway to celebrate the grandest holiday of the year. Experience Magic of Lights from the comfort of your own car as you wind through the sparkling path in the O'Reilly Auto Part's Fan Zone - the Inland Empire's latest favorite holiday tradition. The magic of Lights features festive scenes of sparkling displays depicting the favorite characters of the season. At every turn, the magical route is overflowing with spectacular light displays and animations. Bring the kids and enjoy multiple holiday themes come to life with hundreds of dazzling lights. Added for 2018 - more lights and displays than ever!

Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday - Saturday: 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

For more information: VISIT HERE


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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How Do You Do Essential Oils

We have been using essentials oils for over a year now. Truthfully, it took a while before I decided to join the essential oil bandwagon. It was too expensive for our budget even if I know that the benefits will far exceed the cost of one bottle of essential oil. My sister introduced me to Eden's Garden (not an affiliate). Edens garden is not an MLM company (Multi-Level Marketing), I found their essential oils to be affordable (which is of course very necessary) and as soon as I tried a couple of oils, I am hooked.

Essential oils had been used since ancient times, not just on aromatherapy but also as massage therapy and to treat certain conditions such as anxiety and stress. According to Health Line, Essential Oils are...

"Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant's scent and flavor also called its "essence." Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. Essential oils are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals have been extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a product that's ready for use" (Healthline, para.1).

You can use essential oils through aromatherapy but it can also be used on the skin when it is properly diluted with a carrier oil. Some popular carrier oils are coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil. To learn more about proper dilution, you can read HERE. Also, please remember that dilution is different for kids. Please do your research first. Some essential oils are not safe for animals as well. But do not be intimidated, the benefits are amazing.

I don't run out of essential oils in our house and some of my basics are eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, lemon, and rosemary. I have a couple of diffusers (one in our living room and in our bedroom). I also love the synergy blends that Edens Garden sell, like their stress relief, sniffles and sneezes (safe for kids), and fighting five.  I also use lava bracelets and roll-on blends. Mainly, we diffuse at home. When the kids get home from school (especially in winter time when they are vulnerable to sickness), when the girls and I are studying (use peppermint), or when the house needs a fresh smelling aroma.

I came across MONQ. Life-changing.

I mentioned that I have a lava beads bracelet and roll-on blends. I always wanted to diffuse on the go!

What exactly is MONQ?

Eric Fishman, MD is the founder of MONQ with a mission to change the world through the modern way combined with proven and effective ancient way. What's on the name? MONQ stands for “Modifying One’s Natural Qualia”.

I know you have more questions than when you first started reading this post. What is Qualia? Truthfully, I read what Qualia is all bout more than twice. I do understand that it is a mental state. Qualia is the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from our own stimulation and perception.

MONQ R is a rechargeable portable essential diffuser. Portable essential diffuser... amazing right?

What's in a box?

 A cute and stylish case that fits small purse or our pocket.

A USB charger

Rechargeable diffuser battery

3 blend pods

How does it work?

With the stylish and colorful flip case, you can switch out or replace blends using one device. Simply breathe through the end with the Blend POD and you can also recharge through the MONQ FlipCase. A fully charged diffuser battery will last a week.

Slide the rechargeable diffuser battery in the charging slot and your other two Blend PODs in the storage slots. Keep it charged through a USB compatible source so you’re always ready for a therapeutic breath.

MONQ offers different POD refill blends such as Zen, Ocean, Relieve, Sleepy, and Focus blends.

So far, I am loving mine and I can not wait until I get to order other blends. MONQ offers gift sets, as well as mystery subscriptions.


To learn more about their products or to order, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.

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Eden's Garden

MONQ website


Friday, December 14, 2018

Perfect Devotional Gifts

It's that time of the year!! Season to give and season to share the love. I love all the great deals and sales in every store and it makes it challenging to decide on what gifts to give. BUT...I  am on a mission to give meaningful gifts this year. I would like to give presents that has value and useful not just because it was on sale. Sure, I still love a good deal but this year, I will definitely give my presents a thought. I want to give presents that will not be placed into re-gifting pile or will end up in the garage and be forgotten. I would love to give presents that will nurture either your body, mind, and soul.

A couple eof the gifts that I have in mind are Bibles ( kids and grown-ups), journals, and devotionals. It can be a family devotional or a personal devotional. I am a fan of both. In our family, we are currently using this Bible Devotional that has many awesome features. I personally love to journal. I journal at church and have a prayer journal for my family and friends. Personal devotionals are also a favorite of mine. I am a fan of Ellie Claire!

I haven't seen an Ellie Claire journal that I didn't like. They are all beautiful and eye-catching. The colors are full of life and energy. Modern designs to boot! I am very fortunate to review the 3 devotionals that will surely lift your spirit up and draw you closer to God.

I can't even begin to tell you how the cover made me cry. My family went through a painful miscarriage just two weeks ago. My heart is aching. Some days I can't fight the waves of sadness by myself BUT through it all, we have kept our eyes on Him. When life gets busy and painful at times, this particular devotional encourages us to slow down and keep our eyes on Him. We are never alone and a few moments with Him through this devotional will change your day and even your life.

Peace. We all want it. There is so much noise, fear, and worry in our surroundings. How do we get it and how do we achieve it. This devotional serves as a guide to remind us of the peace that comes from our Heavenly Father. 

Beautifully nature and creations of God-themed, this devotional reminds us of what's around us. It is hard for us to slow down and take it all in- all the creations of God that were put here on earth to show His love for us. We can find peace and answer to what our hearts truly desire if we will only stop and enjoy the beauty of His creation.

365- Day devotional journal, 
non-bleed paper and acid-free paper and ink.
Daily devotional with lightly ruled space for responses, lists, or journaling
Full-color interior design; Presentation page for personalization
 Lay-flat binding
Foil; Ribbon marker
 Elastic closure band

These devotional are a perfect gift for Christmas but really it is perfect for any occasion. It is uplifting and draws you closer to God. Spending time with Him, whatever time and manner you choose will make a difference in your day..and life. Doodle or write your thoughts, prayers, and favorite Bible verse. Pour your heart out in this devotional.

To view Ellie Claires's other products and beautiful devotional journal, CLICK HERE.

These 3 devotionals are also available at Barnes and Noble.


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Monday, December 10, 2018

STEM Toys to Give for Christmas

What exactly is STEM? According to Live Science, STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in an interdisciplinary and applied approach of four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The four subjects are cohesively integrated based on real-world applications.

How important is STEM in school? Aside from the growing trend in STEM occupations, STEM enables a student to think critically, innovate, and fosters math, as well as science literacy. Engineering for Kids excellently explained the benefits of STEM education,

"STEM education helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields. Initiatives have been established to increase the roles of women and minorities in STEM-related fields. STEM education breaks the traditional gender roles. In order to compete in a global economy, STEM education and careers must be a national priority. Each and every decision made uses an aspect of STEM to understand the implications".

How can we foster STEM education?

1. Support STEM learning by encouraging questions such as asking "Why and How". Ask your children why protecting the environment is important? How do they think their favorite app gets created?

2. Watch educational shows and programs. Shows like Discovery Channel (Planet Earth), History Channel (Modern Marvels), and PBS (Sid the Science Kid and Nova). Netflix has an amazing line up of educational documentaries too that fosters STEM.

3. Try out STEM extracurricular activities. Sometimes, local universities and libraries will offer or hosts STEM activities. Get plugged in and you will be surprised at how many activities in your area that supports STEM learning.  There are STEM programs and internship that you can enroll your kids too, check out Pathway to Science for more info.

4. Give museum membership as a GIFT. I live in Southern California and our California Science Center offers an affordable annual membership that includes entrances to many science museums nationwide.

5. Provide presents that promote STEM learning. This Christmas, I am on a mission to provide not only meaningful Christmas gifts but also gifts that encourage learning. Our kids have plenty of fun toys, it is abundant actually. I am excited to share Little Experimenter with you.

Little Experimenter enables children all over the world to express their creativity and individuality through play. To learn more about their products, read HERE.

Here are two of my favorite toys from Little Experimenter:

Illuminated World Globe
Ages 8+
Product Dimensions: 8", 20 cm in diameter

Why I love this product? It is sturdy and full of information! The globe includes deserts, capitals, regional, continental and international boundaries, built in LED and it operates on 4 AA batteries. Look how beautiful it is!

Tourist Meets Travelers wonderfully explained the importance of having a globe and teaching the globes to kids. Not only it teaches the kids about the aspects of a globe, from a child's perspective it is amazing to see the different countries and how we are separated with big bodies of water. It is really beautiful when it is lit, in fact, our girls love to use this at night when they go to school.

Night Vision Binoculars
Ages 3+
Large, comfortable, and flexible eyepiece
2x magnification
Neck Strap with safety clasp (DISCLAIMER: I still suggest, for kids 3-4 yrs depending on the maturity of your child, please be safe with the straps).

Its ergonomic shape makes it easy for little hands to hold, and the cups mold is large, snugly, and comfortable for their little faces.

She was really excited to use it! I told her that we can play Ispy and she can see birds that hide in the tree and that she can see amazing things in our environment. At night, she was eager to try the binoculars outside.

I told her that she can see cats that quietly walks in the back of our house, the amazing night sky, and fun it can be to explore at night. It does not only open their eyes to exploring at night but it also teaches them to focus and think. As always, encourage questions!

Visit Nesstoy's website, as they have several lines of educational toys for kids. Perfect not just for Christmas but also birthdays or just to support their love of STEM and learning. To purchase, check out their Amazon store, HERE.

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What is STEM Education? by Live Science.

Why is STEM Education so Important? by Engineering for Kids