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Ultimate List of Collaborative Pinterest Boards

  What exactly is a Pinterest Collaborative Group Boards? As per Pinterest's blog , " Group boards are a fun way to share ideas with others". It is a collaborative tool , not just for bloggers but also for business owners ( small and big).  Even if you have written a successful and read worthy article but if only a few people actually gets to see it , then what's the point profit wise.

  If you've written a killer blog post and share that post with a board with thousands of followers , your reach will definitely grow.  How? Well , pinners will definitely see your work when they check the board or it will show up on their feed. Your work will get re pinned, new people will find you. If  your work is shared on other social media.. your visibility will definitely soar.

  You can also create your own group board. Just remember to indicate rules. I have a few group boards myself , it is wise to write a description of what the board is about and a sort of a rule..like NO spamming or limits on pins. It is totally up to you.

 Here's one of my old post, I shared it to one of the group boards I collaborate with and my reach grew..big time. Most of my site traffic comes from Pinterest too. 

Remember to  make your images pinnable.What makes you pin? Great graphics and photos right? so keep that in mind. Tall images gets re-pinned all the time. Make it attractive, informative and brand it. Quick reminder , to be able to join these boards you must follow the creator of the board or any of their boards. Send them a message or an email if it is provided on their Pinterest profile. These 60+ Collaborative group boards are groups that I am a part of .  There are thousands and thousands of group boards available and if you want to be added on this list, pls let me know.

Followers : 13.7k
This board is to be filled with blog posts and articles that will AFFIRM others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images.

Followers: 53.6k
Disciplining kids, ideas for fun activities, anything that helps parents or has to do with family.

Followers: 13.6k
This board is to be filled with AMAZING blog posts and articles that will encourage others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images.

Followers: 1.6k
Inspiration filled posts from Bloggers.Please do not SPAM this board, pin 3-5 times a day.

5.3k Pins
This board is to be filled with AWESOME blog posts and articles that will BLESS others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images

Followers: 12.7k
AWESOME Blogs to Follow on Pinterest! Please pin "ONLY" pins that link to your website, all others will get deleted. If you leave a Pin, repin something.NO Religion or Political pins. DIY, Crafts, Recipes, Decorating Ideas, Organizing Tips, Educational, Health/Beauty, Fashion, Parenting by the "Most Awesome Bloggers" on Pinterest. CONTRIBUTORS: No Nudity, or Linkups! Limit pins to 5 in a row! No Re-Pins.

Followers: 2.5k
A shared board of bloggers. A community of bloggers where we share our awesome, inspiring and great content. No limit on pins however please pin only wholesome content.

Followers: 1.7k
Collection of all the best post from Bloggers Spotlight Linky Party. Link up with us every Thursdays, 7pm PST through Tuesdays 11pm PST. From DIY's, yummy recipes to inspiring post. Pls. pin 3-5 times ONLY A DAY.

BLOGS: Keeping Marriage Sweet
Followers: 13.7k
his board is all about making and keeping our marriages sweet! You may add any family friendly, positive, hope-filled marriage post, quotes, and articles! **Friends may invite like-minded friends! Please no nudity, foul language, or non-family friendly content. These pins will be deleted.

BLOGS: Money, Money
Followers 14.3k
Share your best blogs, tips, articles and info on saving money and making the most of your money. Keep things clean, positive and family-friendly please.
Followers: 15.2k
This is a spot for positive and hopeful blogs & websites!

BLOGS: Hope-filled Post
Followers: 14.1 k
This is a spot for positive and hopeful blogs & websites! Would you add posts and articles that you have written or have found to be helpful? Add 3-5 pins a day.

Followers: 13.5k
This is a spot for positive and hopeful blogs & websites!

BLOGS: Link Parties and Blog Link Ups 
Followers: 13.9k
These are all of the great places where I link up and some of the pins shared on those Link Ups! Please no nudity, foul language, or non-family friendly content.

BLOGS: Miscellaneous Post
Followers: 13.8k
These blog posts can be about any topic! Just keep it clean, positive, and encouraging.
Followers: 14k
This blog is all about great advice to parents, grandparents and expectant parents. You can share scripture, words of wisdom and practical parenting tips and posts.Please no nudity, foul language, or non-family friendly content.

Followers: 3.6k
This is a group board dedicated to Bloggers- Food, Mommy, Family, DIY, Blogging, SEO, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup. Only 5 posts per day .

Followers: 13.9k
This board is filled with blogging tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to better blog! Add your pins that will encourage and help others to become better bloggers.

 Followers : 4k
This is a board for Christian writers to pin your posts that encourage and inspire others in their walk with the Lord. Pin your posts on faith, marriage, parenting, health, holidays and more! Please pin one pin on this board for every pin you leave.

Followers: 7.1k
A group board for the members of the Christian Bloggers Community. You may add up to 5 (five) pins a day on topics of faith, marriage, motherhood, homeschooling, and homemaking.

Followers: 7.5k
Family friendly pins and feel free to invite!

Followers: 856
Holiday-themed activities (non-religious only, religious pins will be deleted), crafts, recipes, anything holiday related. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Hanukkuh, etc.

Followers: 1.1 k
This is a community board for posting Jesus-inspired blog posts, quotes, and Bible verses. Happy sharing!

This is a group board for Christian moms to share experiences in all things motherhood, parenting, and kids.

Followers:  1.6k
All about great recipes and mouth watering meals you can make with your crockpot! This is a collaborative board, pls pin 3-5 times a day only.

 This board is to be filled with blog posts and articles that will EDIFY others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images

Followers: 13.7k
This board is to be filled with blog posts and articles that will ENCOURAGE others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images. You may invite your encouraging friends!

Followers : 40.5k
ExploreTraveler's followers adventure travel ideas!

Followers: 39.2
This Christian pin board was created to uplift, encourage and inspire.

Followers: 1.8k
The purpose of this board is to inspire women to gear up for battle, fight and be warriors for Christ. Do you have a blog post to share about at time when you had to fight your way through something? About a time when you wanted to give up but didn't? Share it here! Share anything that relates to being Warriors in Christ!

Followers: 13.5k
Yummy foods.

Followers: 1.1k
Crafts, Food, Recipes, Ideas for Fourth of July

Followers:4.1 k
A collections of good eats from across the internet and from friends.

Followers: 14.4k
Pin great WORDS to offer hope & encouragement! Share Bible verses, great quotes, and anything affirming.

Followers: 10.6k
Grilling has become more healthy this time. Barbecue is not just all about meat, but Fruits is now included as part of the BBQ family. Check out this board for more ideas about Grilled Fruits and eat healthy and maintain your diet while enjoying and having fun with your food.

Followers: 2.2 k
Food that Looks Good and Will Make You Feel Good! Healthy Food at its Best!

Followers: 1.7k
This board is an awesome collection of posts related to healthy living and recipes that are low carb, low calorie, paleo, keto, organic, clean, etc. This board is open to bloggers who blog about healthy living. You are also welcome to join the link party every Wednesdays, 5pm CST

Post your Home Based Business Opportunity here and get FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! In addition to exposing your product or service to our board visitors, your product or service will be broadcast to their mailing list subscribers at http:copypasteproducts.com

Followers: 764
A board to celebrate the day(s) all about you and your love! Crafts, activities, printables, all things related to Imbolc and Valentines day for kids, couples, etc. No religious pins please. They will be deleted. P

Followers: 6.4k
For Christian bloggers and friends.

Followers: 13.5k
This board is to be filled with blog posts and articles that will INSPIRE others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images.

Followers: 797
Link up your encouraging words that will inspire and equip women to intentionally live out their roles as wives and/or daughters of God: living intentionally, marriage, parenting, pursuing God's heart, recipes, etc., Intentional Tuesday link up runs every Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. EST.

Followers: 27.1 k
A collection of the best VEGETARIAN recipes. Mostly savory recipes, please. Daily pin limit is 5. Please add only high quality pins, that link directly to the recipe, and DO NOT POST DUPLICATES

Followers:2.2 k
When you link up to Party in Your PJs you can pin your goodies here to share with everyone.

Followers:  3.3k
Personal Finance posts from a bunch of great sources, covering frugal tips, life hacks, savings, investing, money and relationships, extra income ideas, passive income ideas, real estate investing, tax tips, financial independence and more
Followers: 756
A board dedicated to awesome products, books, services, etc. A collection of posts on product reviews. Please no duplicate pins and limit to five pins a day, don't forget to pin other's pins too not just your own.

Followers: 13.5k
This board is to be filled with PROMISE-FILLED blog posts and articles that will affirm others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images.

Followers: 12.2
No description provided.

Followers: 2.1k
The Thrive @ Home community board is full of post that will encourage and inspire women in all seasons of life to thrive--not just survive--in their various roles at home. Posts must be from family-friendly blogs and contain no vulgar language, images, etc.

Followers: 13.8k
This board is to be filled with blog posts and articles that will UPLIFT others! No nudity, no bad language, no offensive images. You may invite your encouraging friends! 

Followers: 3.7k
Motivational sayings to help you along your way!

Pin up everything that relates to being a mommy. Things to help you as a mom, things to help you parent, advice, tips, crafts, etc. Please do not spam the board and only post each pin once.

Followers: 807
Bloggers & pinners can join our collaborative board and expand their network. To be a collaborator, message Rosina Motta and request to be added.

Followers: 852
A group board for bloggers and pinners to share, connect and discover.
Followers: 125

It’s a good idea to know how many calories you are supposed to be consuming per day based on your goals and your lifestyle. You can write a plan down and post it to your refrigerator, but there are also plenty of free or paid online tools that can help in the process.

Seven Ingredients or Less Recipes Only 3 Pins per day.

Followers: 932
Since Pinterest is all about sharing, why not share the love with everyone. Feel free to post anything except for NUDITY, VIOLENCE, RELIGION, and things of that nature that others find offensive. No limit on pins, but please pay it forward and share 1 pin off of this board for every 2 you post.

Followers: 3.4k
SLB is for bloggers to connect with other bloggers and share yours or another blogger's pins! Join to gain exposure and engage with your audience. With that said, *** Please pin another pin for every pin you pin.

Followers: 1.5k
Easy Taco Night Recipes with beef, chicken, seafood, fish, turkey. Pin your easy to make,delicious, budget-friendly taco night recipes

Followers: 2.6K
The Christian Girl Community is based on an online magazine (www.thechristiangirlmagazine.com) whose vision is centered around awakening the beauty and purpose of being a Christian woman. This board is a space for you to uplift and encourage your sisters in Christ

Followers: 875
Pin any yummy vegetarian dishes, vegan are welcome but not necessary. Please no meat or fish, milk and egg are ok. Please do not spam the board and only post each recipe/pin once.

Followers: 14.8k
Many of us are silently hurting. Hurting on the inside while masked on the outside. This site is created for the hurting heart. Wounded people wound other people!

Followers: 27.3k

Pinterest Collaborative Board List Printable- FREE

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Pin with me!  Follow A Bountiful Love on Pinterest. I have a few collaborative boards and let me know if you want to join.

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Blogger Spotlight Link Party # 32

Welcome to the Bloggers Spotlight Link and Pin-it Party # 32

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Thank you  for making the last party successful and wonderful! We enjoyed stopping by and learning new things. If you are new here, welcome and we are glad to have you. If not, welcome back!  There's a few and awesome changes on our linky party, first we are opening up our BLOGGERS SPOTLIGHT LINK PARTY for everyone, so you all can pin your great posts! Second, we simplified our rules ..everybody loves simple right?

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Here's what you may have missed from your hosts :

Easy Vegetarian Dinner

Ways to Celebrate Mabon

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Meet Your Hostesses :

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Cristina of A Bountiful Love 
Vegan Corn Dog Muffins

 Ever Heard of Baby Wearing

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Healthy Living Link Party # 80

Welcome to the Healthy Living Link Party #80

We are simplifying the rules of the party! Why make it complicated to enjoy a link party when we can keep things simple? You are still welcome to share as many links as you want, both old and new. And of course we would still love to meet you, we appreciate follow backs and a link back on our party however it is not required.

We just want everybody to have fun! One big change we are doing is that we are opening our HEALTHY LIVING LINK PARTY PINTEREST BOARD .
Collaborate with us and we would love for you to pin with us. Pin your healthy living related post , recipes, giveaways, reviews and more! If you like to join our collaborative board,  you can email me at abountifullove (at)gmail (dot)com or comment below!

Join our Healthy Living Link Party Collaborative board.

  We’d like to thank each and every one of you for making every week so amazing! Keep sharing your healthy and inspiring posts with us.  If you are new here , we are so glad to have you!! Have fun and make new friends! I appreciate each and everyone of you for joining us.

The Healthy Living link party is all about living a healthy life. Link up your posts related to healthy living and recipes that are low carb, low calorie, paleo, keto, organic, clean, etc. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and is more fun when you share your recipes and find some new ones. We all pick our week's feature, so don't forget to stop by their blogs!

 Here’s what your hosts have been up to this week

68 Ways To Be Frugal

Meet your hosts!


    Ways That Women Can Maintain Good Health

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    SIMPLIFIED Rules of the Party: 

    • Link up only healthy living related post --> recipes, tips, guidelines, giveaways, etc.  

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     Let's party, link up below!

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    The Biggest Story- DVD & CD Giveaway

      How exciting it is that they released a DVD and audio book version of the The Biggest Story! If you are not familiar with it, I reviewed it before and had a book giveaway too. You can read it HERE.
    We all sat down to watch the short DVD and I was really curious as to how would it be presented in an animated film. I was already impressed with the colorful and unique illustrations with the book. Our  6 yr old definitely enjoyed the book version so I am sure that she will enjoy the short film. We were able to keep a 4 yr old's attention with the book so I am interested on how would this keep her attention.

      From start to finish, the animations kept them both entertained. The way it was narrated is not so formal. Which is totally positive because the approach was "kid friendly". There are no "big words" that kids would not be able to understand.  Sure enough, it did impress me and my husband. Illustration and animation wise , it is definitely a new and modern way to teach children about the biggest story of the Bible.

      After school, on their snack time ..I played the audio CD. I wanted to see if they will just talk to each other or will they listen to it. I was actually shocked that they were quiet and I must tell you that they are both not quiet when eating. NEVER QUIET! These young kids of ours talk about their day. Sometimes they argue and sometimes they talk about what games they will be playing after the snack. It was pleasurable! I would recommend this on long travel with kids!


     About the DVD:
    The Animated Short Film: Featuring beautifully animated illustrations adapted from the book, The Biggest Story: The Animated Short Film will captivate children and parents alike as they see how all the classic stories in the Bible connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s glorious plan to redeem his rebellious people.

     About the CD:
    The Audio Book: This audio book of The Biggest Story—written and narrated also by the best-selling author Kevin DeYoung—leads kids and parents alike on an exciting journey through the Bible, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ's death on the cross to the new heaven and new earth.

    About the author:
    Kevin DeYoung is senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, MI, husband to Trisha, and father to seven children.

     DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products/services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

    G I V E A W A Y   T I M E

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    Friday, September 9, 2016

    68 Ways To Be Frugal

        Frugal, tightwad, cheap, stingy are adjectives that some find offending. Why is there a negative connotation with these words? A lot of people struggle in life because we fail to realize how to live within and below our means. Some people get too busy looking into others peoples success without knowing the story behind it and do not realize you eventually fall into a pit of jealousy and insecurity. This is a poisonous path, leading you into a pretentious life just to keep up.  We need to realize how living a simple life can bring us contentment.

       Frugal living in my opinion is not a destination. I think it is a constant re-evaluation. It may not be easy but it is totally worth it. You  can live well and live fruitfully by spending less. There are a lot of ways how we can save money. Here's 68 ways that we can be frugal:

    1. Plan your meals. Eat out less and pack your lunch to work or school.
    2. Have a grocery budget and stick to it. Plan on less money to begin with.
      Skip Starbucks. Make your favorite drink at home. Try this : Starbucks Copycat Recipes
    3. Make your own pantry staples. Try :9 Pantry Staples That You Can Make at Home
    4. Clip coupons.
    5. Learn how to stack coupons ( store coupons with Manufacturer Coupons)
    6. Join Ibotta, checkout51, Shopmium, Berrycart , a rebate app for your groceries. Earn cash for the items you always buy anyway. Double the savings by using coupons.
    7. Be creative with your left overs.
    8. Have a no grocery week, cook what's available in your pantry.
    9. Serve more veggies than meat.
    10. Eat healthy. It will serve you good in the long run.
    11. Try a breakfast for dinner night. Think brinner. 
    12. Shop dollar tree for healthy items like frozen fruits or single serve fish.
    13. Have a Meatless Friday nights. Here's 20 Tasty Meatless Meals.
    14. Make your own pizza. Make it a fun family night. Here's an easy Homemade Pizza Dough.
    15. Don't always stock up on ALL of the deals. If you always use it,then go for it.
    16. After buying your produce and fruits, wash 'em and cut 'em as soon as you can. You will more than likely cook it or eat it when it's ready to go in advance.
    17. If you love to eat out once in a while , join their mailing list or mailing club. They offer rewards and coupons. Like Chili's, it's nice to get a discount or a free kids meal.
    18. Host a freezer meal exchange party. Gather your friends, neighbors, relatives. Everybody makes a batch of freezer meal and exchange recipes with each other.
    19.  Buy what's in season and freeze them. Here's HOW.
    20.  Join a co-op.
    21. Keep a price book. What is a price book? Read here.
    22. Some men's products are cheaper than women's. Try men's shaving cream for instance! ( no one needs to know).
    23. Try generic brands. They are as good and sometimes much better than the leading brands.

    22. You don't have to sign up on all of the streaming videos. $8 or $12 a month adds up pretty quickly.
    23. Quit the cable and go for chromecast specially if you have wi-fi at home.
    24. Visit parks instead of malls.
    25.Check nearby colleges and universities for free activities and cultural events.
    26. Visit your library and get a library card. They have free rentals on DVDs and paid 3 day loan as well for a very reasonable price. Most libraries would let you take out 50 books.

    50 Things to do with our kids before they grow up- You will build strong relationships.

    27. Visit your community center. Most of them offer a one year membership but that membership opens up a lot of perks. You can sign up for different programs ( sometimes free, sometimes you pay at a reasonable price). You can find a yoga class, Zumba, CPR class, computer classes and much more!
    28. Check the dates for FREE entrances on National Parks and have a picnic or exploring day.

    29. Your local community center has a lot of fun things to offer as well for your kids ( See info on no.27). If you are a low income family, you can ask about their scholarship program . Even though you don't qualify , their yearly resident or non resident membership is till very affordable. They have classes like Ballet, Self Defense/ Tae Kwondo/Kung Fu, hip hop dance, sports and more.
    30. Library - yep, they have free programs from tots to teens.
    31. Sign up for Macaroni kids - they send out weekly activities , free and fun things to do as a family in your area.
    32. Swap kids books with your neighborhood.
    33. Host a neighborhood outdoor/backyard movie night. Everybody brings snacks to munch on and to share with.
    34. It's okay to let our children get bored, they will come up with something fun to do themselves that we adults wouldn't even think about.
    35. Never estimate what an empty box can do. I remember our kids when they were toddlers, an empty box,crayons, markers and stickers kept them busy and happy. ( just use non toxic and washable art supplies--you'll be glad you did)
    36.  There are a lot of free online resources for learning too!

    37. Love movies? Take advantage of matinee times and summer dollar movies.
    38. If you are in the military or a veteran, sign up at MILITARY.COM and ID.ME for discounts.
    39. Have a board game night.
    40. Always pack your snacks when traveling. Even when we traveled abroad, we brought our own water bottles and packed our kid's snacks.

    Worry Free Travel with Young Kids


    41. Go through your bills and see which is the biggest budget sucker. If it is your cable bill or phone bill make a phone call to adjust your bill. We've done this and we did receive an awesome deal. But after a while, prices will go up again so don't be afraid to switch companies if needed.
    42. Buy used clothes. Esp for kids, they grow up so fast. Find a nice second hand store or consignment store for kids.
    43. Sell your used baby gear, clothes, kids clothes and toys ( and more!) at a consignment store. We have a couple here that do give you store credit and you can use that credit to shop at their store too!  Have you heard of Moo La La Boutique Children's  Consignment Event?  I have sold and have earned about $300 just by selling our used children's items. It is a great and fun event and you have perks when you volunteer and sell. See here for DETAILS.
    44. You don't always have to upgrade your gadgets to keep up with technology.
    41.If you are tempted to shop online or go out to a mall to splurge, pause before ordering and ask why are you buying. If you are just bored or sad, remember that shopping is only a temporary way to fill that void.
    45. Ditch the gym. Transform a space in your house into a workout space. Have you tried Beachbody On demand? You can stream hundreds of proven workouts right into the comfort of your own home.
    46. Need to buy bigger clothes? How about thinking of a long term solution? Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, later on when you reach your ideal health goals, you can buy clothes. You can now reward yourself. Think big here, yes you are going to spend later on BUT think about the other positive result from that. Your health.
    47. For cars : buy used cars, change your own oil regularly, share your car with your partner ( if you don't have kids), carpool, don't speed, change your air filter by yourself, wash your own car, re examine your auto insurance bills and shop around if needed.
    48. Get rid of vices: smoking. Just stop. No excuses.
    49.  Try your best to pay your bills on time, late fees are no fun. If you need more time, call the company  and they are usually willing to  work with you. That way , you will not accrue late payment fees.
    50. It is not always wise to use your credit card. It is not free money. Yes it may free you up on a current situation but later on you will have to pay that bill. Use cash.
    51. Think before you spend. you don't have the cash for it. Save for it.

    How to pay for your travel in cash

    52. Refill ink cartridges , don't always buy new ones. Costco usually sends out coupons for  already bargained refilling services.
    53. Speaking of Costco, you can split the annual membership with a room mate, neighbor or  a friend. You can also shop together. I remember doing this with my room mates, we bought a case of toilet paper and we all split the goods and the cost.
    54. Take advantage of refurbished items. We bought a roku stick for $20 at groupon! Plus, roku has a lot of free channels to watch.
    55. Be careful of "vampire electricity" or "phantom electricity" , don't leave an unused device plugged in as it will continue to draw small amounts of energy.
    56. Fix any energy leaks(drafts) in your home. Seal the leaks because they make your a/c system work harder.
    57.  Use LED or energy saver bulbs.
    58 . Install aerating and low flow faucets and shower heads to save on your water bill.
    59. Consider wearing thick sweaters or bundling up in winter time to avoid all day usage of your heater.
    60. When making necessary purchases, think quality. You may save a few dollars but it might not last as long or you may not get your money's worth. So might as well invest in a quality product. This is one department that my husband always reminds me, invest in a good one and it will keep you from buying all the time.
    61 .Embrace DIY but don't always "DIY" most especially if it will cost you more money.
    62. Stop keeping up with the joneses.. Find your own happiness and realize how blessed you are. Don't let that attitude dictate your life and your spending. It is a habit that will not do you good. If you have to prove something all the time, you might want to re examine your thinking. That is a very toxic way of life.
    63. Invest in knowledge. If needed , enroll in an enrichment class. Enroll in a baking class, who knows maybe you can use that skill to start your own home based business. Learn how to sew, so you can sew your own bedding, curtains and clothes! Nowadays, there is a ton of free tutorials on you tube.
    64. Don't be shy to haggle.
    65. Knowledge is  power. Always find ways to feed your brain. I love reading my fellow bloggers frugal tips. Read on financial topics. I do find myself inspired all the time when I do read financial books and testimony. They sure do empower you and encourage you .


    66. Always re think on how you can re use your stuff. Several years ago, I got myself into binder organization. A binder for bills, a binder for homemaking, a binder for recipes...name it I got a binder for that. Fast forward now, well I do not have all the time to keep up with all of my binders. So I re used the binders for something else. I am reusing it for keeping our kid's school keepsakes and for our Lily, who I am homeschooling for preschool.  Speaking of binders , this is how I organized our manuals and warranties.

    How to organize anuals and warranties

    67. Embrace a " Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" attitude. Sometimes, it is just in our heads, we will come up with good reasons why we needed to purchase. Be creative.

    68. Do not be embarrassed to be frugal. Attitude is everything with this lifestyle. Being frugal is freeing, smart and practical. Being frugal is being humble and contented. Being frugal means you appreciate what is important in life. Being frugal means you are a good steward of your money. Being frugal means you are not a slave to money.

    How about you, what other frugal ways would you love to share?

    How to Survive and Thrive on a Single Income