Friday, January 10, 2014

Meatless Friday : Kale Pasta & Rolled Grilled Cheese

I like a simple meal. And once or twice a week I like to serve meatless meals to my family. There are a lot of recipes and smoothies that you can incorporate with this cruciferous greens. It is one of the most healthiest vegetable. It is an anti-oxidant , anti-inflammatory , excellent source of vitamins A, C, and K -- and sulphur-containing phytonutrients.

 Kale is also rich in the eye-health promoting lutein and zeaxanthin compounds.


a bunch of Kale
3 garlic cloves
a package of whole wheat thin spaghetti
1/2 cup to 1 cup of Parmesan Cheese
3 tbsp Country Crock butter
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


Wash Kale thoroughly.  Remove the thick branches, Chop the leaves finely ( thin strips) ,

 Meanwhile , cook you pasta according to package instructions.

Heat a large pot. Melt the butter and add in the olive oil. Saute the minced garlic. Be careful not to burn it. 

Add the kale leaves , and cook it for about 5 minutes. Once it turned into dark , deep should be done. Turn your stove off.

Mix your cooked spaghetti noodles with the sauteed kale. Mix it nicely and add in Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top as well.

It just doesn't look pretty..It is delicious and healthy :)

You may serve the Kale Pasta with rolled grilled cheese..

Here's easy!




Slices of bread
Cheddar Cheese slices
Rolling pin ( if you don't own one , a tall drinking glass would do the job)

Trim the edges of your bread. Flatten it using your rolling pin . Place a slice of cheese on each flattened bread, Carefully roll it . Heat a pan and melt your butter. Fry the rolled cheese ( seams down)..turn it until all sides are browned.

This is really good with any soup too!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hair Bows and Hair Accessories Organization

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I used to make and sell bows. We have two girls , and I just couldn't help myself making bows for them! On top of that , they get hair accessories gifts from relatives and friends , dollar stores have A LOT of cute hair pieces for little girls. I LOVE..fixing their hair do's and dressing them up with cute outfits. With that , these lil frills can be everywhere! Luckily too ,  I have a patient hubby who ends up picking  those dainty trinkets and hair pieces from the floor, under the bed , and other nooks and crevices.

Having a designated area for all the frills , will keep the clutter under control.  Here's a few ideas on how we organized ( and try our best) and keep it from being messy.

This is a fabric message board that we purchased at Michael s ( most stores sell this) . I just inserted several pieces of ribbon ( different widths , colors and designs) , diagonally at the opposite side. This is to accommodate  more hair bows and clips , as well as for the different sizes.  For hanging it on the wall  , I picked out a good wide ribbon , a staple gun and a hook.

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We also purchased this at Micheals , could not remember how much but I am sure we used a 40 % coupon with it so it is cost effective. Those small pouches holds small pair of clips , claw clips and bunches of pony tail holders.

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I made this using a regular plastic shoe organizer , purchased at walmart for $12 . It was very long , so I cut it in half (using the other half in our kitchen to hold pouches of kid snacks , granola bars , oatmeal / breakfast packets etc) .  I used a regular wooden hanger , some fabric scraps & felt fabric .

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This holds their necklaces , bracelets , hair brushes , hair detangler spray.

Lastly , this is a just an empty oatmeal container. I covered it with a nice scrapbook paper . It is where we hang all the headbands and inside it is where we put all the crochet / stretchable headbands. Frugal isn't it?

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Lots of Love ,

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"Organization isn't about perfection. It's about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time & money, & improving your overall quality of life." - Christina Scalise

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Simple Make up and Nail Cleaning Kit Organization

Is being organize one of your resolutions for 2014 ? If so , you are in the right track. We like to consider ourselves as an organized couple. With two little kids at home  , it is indeed a challenge. We do our best  since we have limited space . Organization is a process. It can not be done overnight . It should not cost you an arm and a leg. It is a habit. I just don't think you will ever get done organizing because your families needs will change and you will have some addition or will reduce some of your stuff.  You will have to adjust your techniques in organization depending on your current situation as well.

I will post a few series of organization as well , that don't have to be expensive. Don't get caught up with buying a whole lot of things to help you organize . Sometimes your first step will just have to be creativity and the right attitude as well. I think Organization and living with less or simplicity goes hand in hand.

I must mention that I do not own a lot of make ups, so this organization is simple and easy to maintain.

I store my make ups inside our medicine cabinet. and where do I store our medicines?

In a container , in our closet. At the very top shelf where the kids can't reach it of course - why? because
 Heat, humidity and poor ventilation can cause drugs to deteriorate so they're not effective.
For example, a warm, muggy environment can cause aspirin tablets to break down into acetic acid (vinegar) and salicylic acid, both of which can irritate the stomach. ( Source :  Storing medicine safely )

While make up and make up brushes expose to humidity, heat and so on ,  is not ideal  as well. I think storing them inside the cabinet , and replacing them frequently will do you a little to no harm.

so back to the organization part ...

I bought these little square containers at the dollar store , they came in pack of four.

here's the top shelf..

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the second shelf ...

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the third shelf

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and that's it.

Now for my nail cleaning kit and nail polishes..

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Inside the clear cosmetic bag is where I put all of my nail polishes , the little pouch and an extra nail tool kit.

 Inside the small pouch , is where I put all of my nail tools ( nail clippers , nipper etc) , cotton balls, Q tips  and nail files.

I prefer to put all of my nail stuff in a small bag  so it is very easy grab when I want to use it. I store my nail cleaning kit on top of a shelf as well inside our bathroom. 

There are a lot of benefits in being organized. ( See : Benefits of Being Organized ) It makes everyday a little less chaotic and makes functioning less stressful. 

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Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Family Signs

   Rob , my husband likes and appreciates handmade , DIY and sentimental gifts. Whether it's a scribble of crayons or hand painted arts made by our girls , he will proudly display it. This family sign is very easy to make. It is one of the Christmas presents we gave for the special man in our lives.  Do not wait for Christmas to make this easy DIY gifts, how about Father's Day? Make it a sentimental Father's day gift.

what's up with the " as big as the sky"

 It was really hard when Rob and I were dating because it was a long distance relationship. He lives in Northern California and I live in Southern California. You know those moments that you just wanted to be mushy and just hear an assurance about your relationship.. I had those! a lot actually..I must confess. I asked him how much he loves me..he said " as big as the sky".

When Lucy was about 18 mos old and  learning her words , She would point to the trees , the moon , the flowers..etc. She pointed at the sky and her daddy said..yes..Lucy that's the sky..that's how much I Love you,,as big as the sky. That phrase is sentimental for us.

Here's what you'll need:

5x22 wood plaques -- bought mine at Michael's for $7 and used a coupon . Great Bargain :)

Wood Stain - bought this at home depot , we asked the sales associate for the smallest can 
( I always feel lost at Home Depot -- I guess it is the same feeling my husband gets at the make up aisle)

Brush -- I used the foam brush , bought it at Michael's for .25 cents on sale

vinyl decal -- I custom ordered the vinyl  ( ebay for less than $15)

Start by staining your wood plaque . Let it dry ( mine took a day and a half to dry)

Lay out your decal , as how you want it to be. Making sure it is centered.

Gently pull the white backing , leaving the vinyl decal / lettering on tape.

Place the decal on your wood plaque.
Run a hard card , such as a credit card over the tape to make the decal stick nicely on the wood. 
Run it over a few times.

Slowly pull the tape . 

Make sure the vinyl sticks to the wood and off the tape.

Do the same steps for the second vinyl decal. Lay it out first as well, as how you want it to be.

Easy right? 

 Nothing is much more special I think than a personalized hand made with love gift.

You can put a lil note at the back too.

Here's mine.

This is a perfect gift as well for an anniversary , wedding , even a housewarming gift.

or cuter for a baby name sign too.

I would love to connect with you! 

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