Monday, August 18, 2014

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Pasta

Here's an easy week night meal. You can use rotisserie chicken or cooked chicken breast that you have prepped ahead of time. You may also just saute diced or sliced chicken breast in butter or olive oil.


2  rotisserie chicken breast ( can also use pre cooked chicken breast at home or left over chicken breast)
1/2 cup sliced onions
3 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tbsp Cajun seasoning
1 tbsp paprika
cooked linguine noodles
1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Homemade Alfredo Sauce
2 cups milk
8 oz cream cheese
5 tbsp butter
1 tbsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1 cup Parmesan cheese


Cook your linguine noodle according to package instructions.

Make your Alfredo sauce 
Using a non stick saucepan , melt the butter , be careful not to burn it. Whisk in cream cheese and garlic powder. Slowly add the milk, continue to whisk to dissolve any lumps. Remove from heat when the sauce thickens or you reached your desired consistency , stir in the Parmesan cheese and pepper. Set the sauce aside.

This is one of the ways that I save time in the kitchen , I either cook the meats like chicken breast , ground beef ahead of time or pre cut vegetables. Designate a prep and cook day, do this on your shopping day if possible. It takes time but worth it specially on school or busy days.

 Saute your onions with 3 tbsp of olive oil.

Mix in your red peppers and cooked chicken.

Add in your spices -- Cajun, paprika and ground black pepper,

Mix until all the spices are incorporated with the chicken. Remove from heat.
Add in your homemade Alfredo sauce.

Serve on top of your linguine noodles.

See that yummy and creamy sauce..  My girls LOVED it and my husband had a second serving.

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Serve it with freshly baked french bread or rolls.

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Super Easy French Bread

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Letter of the Week : Qq

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 To save money , local library is a good option. You can also use whatever books you may have in your home library to supplement with the lesson.

From the library 

  • Qq by Kelly Doudna
  • Quinn and Quenton by Anders Hanson
  • Its Quaking Time by Martin Waddell

 From our book shelves..

  • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
  • A is for Alphabet by Flying Frog Publishing
  • Quack Quack by Priddy Books

We practiced the sound of letter Qq by using
Kidz Delight Light N Sound Phonics

Download these Qq tracing sheets here :

Get this Do a dot printable here

Practice the letter Q  with a salt tray ..

We did a Q tip art , using non toxic paints , few pieces of Q tips and  the Letter Collage ( upper case) ,
Click here for lowercase

Isn't cute?

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

    Ever since I discovered pinterest , Ive seen a whole lot of awesome , mouth watering , delicious and gorgeous to look at cookie recipes. Ive pinned simple , easy , short cut , complicated to even a cake mix cookie recipe. However, I don't know about you..but we like old fashion recipes once and a while. You can never go wrong with it. Sometimes, simple is always the best.


1 1/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter, softened. ( I have tried switching butter to coconut oil, same measurement..still taste fantastic)
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup peanut butter ( natural, creamy or chunky --whatever floats your boat)
1 egg
1/4 tsp vanilla


Since I mostly bake and cook from scratch , I do "pre made" my mixes  ahead of time. I just set aside about 30 minutes to do this , it saves me a lot of time.

Pre heat oven to 375 degrees
 In a separate bowl , Make your dry ingredients : mix the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
Cream butter , peanut butter and sugars until fluffy. Beat in egg until incorporated. Add the vanilla

Mix in your dry ingredients , until well combined. Do not over mix.
I wrapped the dough with a cling plastic wrap, place the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hr.

Using a cookie scooper or just your hard working hands.. roll dough into balls. About 1-2 tbsp of dough, its up to you.

Dip the back of your fork with a little sugar and use it to press the cookie down gently in a criss cross pattern

Bake 10-12 minutes or until the edges are golden brown.

I gave these yummy cookies to Rob , my husband dear. It never failed to make him smile..well..more of a huge grin. This guy of mine LOVES peanut butter cookies!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Skills Your Preschooler Needs to Know Before Going to School

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     Before anything else, I would like to remind you that all children are different, gifted and unique in many ways. These short lists are just the things that me and my husband thought of teaching Lucy aside from her  " academics " . We believed that these are the areas that we had to concentrate on ( before sending her to school) because we are already confident with the ABC's so to speak.  It is important to teach our young preschoolers some basic skills , after all the research and work we did in choosing their schools , I know most of you ask yourselves..if your preschooler is indeed ready. Always remember that kids are habitual .. when they were babies we make sure to have a routine right? because babies, toddlers strive more with routine. Don' t be a drill sergeant and expect them to memorize all of these skills. Give them time to learn, make it fun. They learn more when they play right?  Lastly , consider these as guidelines. Be empathetic , for all those years that you have been guiding them every step of the way..don't expect them to learn this overnight.

1.  Potty trained and Hygiene

    Most of the preschools or schools in general want your child to be potty trained.  You may want to ask the school on their requirements way ahead of time, as to where they stand on this. If your kid is already potty trained , does she/he knows how to take care of  " business " when she/ he does both number 1 and 2 ( poo and pee..just in case I have to explain that..there you go). Do they know how to wash and dry  their hands afterwards? pull up and down their bottoms?

See this post on...

Does going in the public restroom makes her uneasy? You may communicate with the teacher as to how they manage restroom breaks. But even so, you should remind your child that it is okay to ask the teacher when she needs to go. If this is an area that your child needs to work on , encourage her and let her practice ( and develop) her own "routine".  They need confidence and encouragement and let them know that you will be there if they need help.

 See this post on..

2.  Eat by themselves and knows how to open their own snacks.

It's not a big deal to open a package of crackers for them when they ask us for  help, after all..we've done it so many times , it became a habit . Does your child eat and feed  themselves? Use utensils ? I suggest  that you slowly let her do certain things. If you occasionally give your kid a juice box..let her/him put the straw. You may want to consider giving them a much more sturdier drink package. Our girls loves Yakult , and we like that they can't squeeze it ( because they will). She can easily poke it , sturdy and hard enough so she can't squeeze it. If they still have difficulty tearing up some snack packages , like lets say a small package of fruit snacks..try putting their snacks on snack size Ziploc. Let her open that.

Also, observe them so you can think on what type of  lunch box , type of snacks you can pack for them.

We've always used Contigo Auto spout Addison Water Bottle , wherever we go..even here at home, so this is the kind of bottle we will let her bring, may be a smaller one so it will not be very heavy for her. It is :

  • BPA free; water bottle is made out of tritan, (provides high impact resistance and won't stain or retain odors)
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Spout shield covers silicone drink spout, keeping it clean and protected when not in use

She will also use , Sistema Klip It Lunch Cube to Go Food Container. We did let her practice opening and snapping this container in the store before we bought , we had to make sure that it is easy for her of course. She doesn't need a complicated lunch or snack container. This Sistema Klip It Lunch Cube to Go Food Container  is partitioned in 2 sections , the bottom part is ideal for snacks or cut up fruits. The upper part is big enough to actually hold two sandwiches. But I must tell you that the upper part  is not meant to pack liquid base food or soups ( not that you will pack your little kid some soup.. I just had to mention it and giggle a little bit). The lid on it is just meant to separate the partition.  It is BPA free, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

If your child have allergies , these labels Allergy Alert Labels
 from Mabels Labels are perfect for schools ( even daycare) , they are waterproof and durable for water bottles , lunch bags and containers.


3. To wear their own shoes.

    Like what I have mentioned above , this is something that Rob and I thought that our Lucy needs to work on. She still gets confused as to where and how to put her feet in the right shoe. She still struggles with straps.

  Check  out these preschool shoe labels from  Mabels Labels . It is stylish, durable, and educational by helping small kids tell their left feet from their right. Pre-readers can simply match the halves of familiar shapes, making it more fun!  You can personalize the shoe labels with a name and choice of 5 cute designs.

 4. Knows how to follow a routine and have basic social skills ( and manners).

I have mentioned quite a few times on how young kids strive in a routine , it is also important that they are capable of following instructions. Social skills is also important. This was a big factor for us since I am a stay at home mom and aside from us ( dad , me and her Lil sister) she doesn't have a whole lot of exposure to playmates. But that did not stop us, she does have Sunday school at our church and on weekdays we do all our best to fill in with the socialization part. It may be a park visit or a story time reading at the library..there are many things we can do to support the basic social skills our child needs.  If separation anxiety is something that your child needs to work on, communicate this with the teacher. They know what to do and have excellent insights on this matter. Teaching them simple manners is great as well. Saying Please and Thank you can go a long way.

See post on : Dear Daughters : Manners We Want You to Learn

5. Stranger Danger

I know some may think that age 4 is very young to expose our kids to such  issues. However , as a parent .. when you watch the news this is something that I can not NOT address. After all, it is just right to do ALL that we can to protect our child. We will pray for them, and knowledge that the real world can help as well.

Here are some books that we think are excellent:

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