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Friday, October 6, 2017

Life-Giving Words to our Children

Words are powerful. Most of us are aware of that and yet, we often fall short in taming our tongue. This is most especially true in parenting. I am one to admit that, taming my mama's tongue is a constant battle. I get physically and emotionally drained. The constant reminders and "keep at it" technique to make sure we raise good human beings are exhausting. Screening our language is easier said than done. How often we say something unkind and ungraceful to our children and beat ourselves down as we lay ourselves in bed? I certainly do.

James 3:6 says, " And among all the parts of the body, the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body, It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself".

Pretty profound isn't?

Our mouth, our chosen words can bring a child's future down. It is not about raising a child who believes that he or she is entitled to everything. It is about using life-giving words to discipline our children. Words can deeply hurt and can affect marriages, relationships..friendships. Our children are shaped by our words. It can destroy their "momentum" before they can even reach their potential. The power of our words have as much ability to speak life. Remember that, what we say is important. Words can be as abusive as physical abuse.

What can we do?

GUARDING- we need to be mindful of our words. I know..that can be exhausting. But guess what, aim at guiding our hearts. Luke 6:45 What you say flows FROM what is in your heart.

ENCOURAGE- always choose words of encouragement. The enemy can use an out of control tongue.

GRACE- use grace in all of your conversation and discipline. Can you imagine how graceful God is to us? What if God tells us..I will not love you until you behave good and you do the right thing? We are not God of course but what I am trying to say is we need to be persistent in giving graceful and life-giving words to our children. Our love to our children is not conditional.


PRAYERS- if you know that you will be on the verge of an outburst...pause and pray. Imagine how different it will be if you choose to have life-giving words. Now, imagine how terribly different will it be if you will give in to your anger outburst. Trust me, I know its hard. It is a constant reevaluation. A mindful and purposeful commitment.

Word of Life 
by Jeremy Camp 

Word of life Speak to my weary heart
 Strengthen my broken parts 
Lead me to Your open arms 
Word of truth Illuminate all these lies 
The enemy speaks inside In freedom I will rise
'Cause You called me out from the grave So I can live like I've been changed 
There is a new song in my soul 
And it begins when I breathe in Your word of life (Your word of life)
Spirit of God Take me to a deeper place 
Take me out of what is safe I will not be afraid 
Spirit of God Fill me with joy again 
Springing up from within It cannot be contained

'Cause You called me out from the grave 
So I can live like I've been changed 
There is a new song in my soul 
And it begins when I breathe in Your word of life 
The old has gone away
 Only Your love remains I am alive today
 'Cause You called me out, ooh You called me out, ooh
'Cause You called me out from the grave 
So I can live like I've been changed 
There is a new song in my soul
And it begins when I breathe in Your word of life 
Your word of life
Hey The old has gone away Only 
Your love remains I am alive today
 'Cause You called me out

Who wants to win Jeremy Camp's CD:  THE ANSWER ?


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

How's everybody's school year going? I am sure that most of us have mixed emotions about our children going to school. Busy as usual and we are all becoming masters of time management. Between the challenge of taking them to school every morning, packing lunches, homework and after-school activities, it can be overwhelming and tiring. Time management, planning and being organized are my top key suggestions in surviving ( and thriving ) the school year.

Sometimes, our kid's order food from the cafeteria and most of the time...I pack their lunches. It is affordable, and I do love packing their food. However, it can also get crazy when you ran out of ideas of what to pack. In our household, it is a case of hit and miss. There are some recipes that they do request and love, and there are school lunches that absolutely do not even want to touch. Luckily, there are a lot of talented parents out there with lots of school lunch and after school snack ideas.  Here are 20 school lunches that are healthy and delicious!

I especially love food containers that have compartments in it. It is much more inspiring to pack them good and healthy lunches that way. If you are hunting for one, here are a few ideas:

We also use Mabels Labels to keep our girl's containers and bottles from getting lost.  Here's why I love and recommend Mabels Labels ( not only because I am not an affiliate).

1. They are cost effective. Why? They are very durable and made to last. Lucy had been using the same lunch container since last school year. It's been washed numerous times of course and had been not just in school but also when we go for short trips. You will get your money's worth.

2. Customer service.Their customer service is service at their best. I am an "just order it online" kinda mom. Online shopping can be hard when you experience glitches. However, there is some company that is not too friendly when you need assistance in ordering. You can count on their customer service, you will get help and will be answered.

3. Designs and system. Their designs are way too cute! Plus their online store is very easy to navigate.

Back To School _HK 240x250

I have also use their labels not just for their containers but also their personal belongings. I have used it to label their Bibles as well. Sunday school can get really busy, and we have been through several Bibles that got lost. You can use Mabels Labels to keep your kid safe. They also have allergy label alert, bag tags, household label as well. Visit their website to see their products!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Top 10 Keepsakes to Make for Your Children

1. Letters to my daughter(s) / son notebook

Purchase a journal notebook and write letters to your children. Topics can range from how your day went , the happiness they bring you, their silliness and your struggles. It can also be a letter for when they feel : sad, unloved, unworthy, fear , worry. Your letters will serve your children someday for when they have their own family.

2. Handprint salt dough

Who does not find a baby hand print adorable? Make this easy and affordable salt dough. I made several of them already. Do not forget to write the date and their ages!

DIY handprint

3. Baby clothes stuff toy

I have at least three baby footie pajamas of both of our girls that I love. When I see them, I vividly remember my babies wearing them. Since moms are known for hoarding baby clothes ( trust me, the struggle is real), why not make a stuffed toy out of it.

4.Onesies or favorite shirt blanket

 Aside from the footie pajamas hoarding that we, mamas have... I am one to admit that I do have a onesie hoarding problem too. Let's transform the cute onesies into a blanket. I stumbled upon this cute blanket on Pinterest.
 image from Cherishing Charlotte

5.Pictures of their first day of school binder

Do you take pictures of your kid's firsts day of school? I certainly do. I recently started taking last day of school photos too. I love making a side by side comparison of our kid's photos to see how much they have grown. All you need to have is a good size binder, some sheet protectors and creativity. Compile those photos and give it to them on their graduation day.

Here's our little bug, she is finally in Kindergarten. 

Here's the big sister last school year 

6.Memory box

Hospital memories...the good, bad and ugly. The good, welcoming our bundle of joy. The bad and the ugly...are the labor pains and if you had a Csection like me..the recovery. Whatever labor experience we all had, I'm a hundred percent sure that nothing will top your joy as seeing your baby.  Keep the hospital keepsakes, ultrasound pictures and coming home outfits in one super cute way! Make a memory box.

7. Smash penny collection

This is my husband's influence. When we were dating, he looks for a smash peeny machine. We actually have a pretty good collection by now. Everywhere we go for fun and a vacation, we do not hunt for a magnet store as a keepsake for our fun memory. We hunt for a small penny machine!

8. Family ornament

Ornament....another obsession of ours. You can be creative on making a Christmas ornament. You can make memories by decorating ornaments with your kids, or a Christmas ball with their handprint on them. You can also keep their letters to Santa. When they grow old and have their own family, you can pass it on. It will be so much fun when it is their turn to show the ornaments they made when they were young to their own kids.

9.Love notes Binder

Our girls love to write us notes and draw pictures. My husband has a hefty collection of drawings and love notes from our kids. Save those sweet notes and awesome arts ( repeat after few awesome arts only).

10. Recipe Binder

When my husband and I got married, he shared the ham and bean recipe that his grandma used to make. I took it upon myself to make this into a tradition. We serve the ham , Christmas Eve and we cook ham and bean soup the next day for Christmas day. I want to keep this tradition with our girls and save some recipes that they love. I am Filipino and I want our girls to learn how to cook Filipino foods.

This recipe binder is perfect for that.  I love that you can write the recipes which gives the binder a personal touch. It has plenty of pockets for the recipes that you want to pass on to your children and sturdy, durable tab dividers.

I also love the fact that it is refillable!! You can never have too much recipes.

You can pass this recipe binder on for when they get married or for when they move for college. But don't wait until then, start making it now! 

You can purchase the RECIPE BINDER HERE.

Disclosure:  I was given a prodcut sample and a product for giveaway (from Hallmark) to promot. I will not endorse a product that does not adhere to my beliefs or any products that I do not trust. Please see full disclosure HERE.



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Monday, August 28, 2017

Faith: Free Printables and DVD Giveaway

What exactly does faith means to you? Faith defined by Oxford Dictionary :

Booming technology and the rise of scholars, paved a way for a lot of research and archeological investigation. There is always a debate regrading the validity of the Bible. People are fascinated in knowing the history and validity of everything. It is  human nature to always look for a basis and a framework for our beliefs. As a Christian , should our faith in the Lord suppress the knowledge and learning that we can acquire with the archeological findings? Definitely not!

Faith should not stifle with the any research and impede a scientific investigation. But, it should be the ground for an honest learning. Our pursuit for learning and research should be a means to an end of promoting good in the society. Faith should be the framework for seeking an understanding (GCU, n.d.)

I was able to review the first DVD of Patterns of Evidence, you can read my review HERE.

     The foundation of the Bible, Exodus in this case is always a myth for some. There is always a debate and discussion circulating if the Exodus really happened.  Most scholars, researchers and well known archeologist settled and concluded on the statement that there is no evidence. Just like any normal person would feel, film maker Tim Mahoney had a crisis of faith. This DVD is the result of his 12 year journey in his quest for finding out the foundation of the Exodus. Patterns of Evidence did a great job on delivering overwhelming archeological findings. The film is not biased and puts focus on finding the truth. Tim Mahoney, presented interviews from scholars and famous archeologists.

"Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus unlocks the mystery of this ancient saga, combining a scientific investigation with a retelling of the Exodus story to reveal an amazing pattern of evidence matching the biblical account that may challenge our understanding of history" (

About the author/filmmaker/producer:

 Tim Mahoney founded Mahoney Media Group, Inc. (MMG) in 1989. MMG focused its business on television and video production for regional and national companies. In 2014 Tim founded Thinking Man Films & Media as an international documentary & publishing company with a focus on education and the Bible. Tim produced numerous productions for Christian organizations including the Billy Graham Association, World Wide Pictures, and Compassion International. Tim also served as the President of the board for the International Christian Visual Media Association (ICVM). Tim’s first full feature documentary film, “PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE EXODUS”, released in January 2015. The film took 12 years to develop and takes a scientific approach to investigate the events of the biblical Exodus. The overall vision for his film company is to explore “patterns of evidence” that support the biblical narrative and engages the world in a conversation. The film takes a balanced approach and leaves the audience to decide for themselves if the Bible is real history or myth.

About the film

 • Won 13 awards on the film festival circuit in 2014, including a Gold Remi Award winner for Best Director at the Worldfest Houston Intl. Film Festival, the Gold Crown Award for Best Picture and Best Documentary at ICVM 2014, and Official Selection at the Soho International Film Festival in New York.
 • Supplemental resources associated with the film include a nearly 400-page hardcover book, small group Bible study, Movie Event kit, youth version (called Young Explorers), homeschool curriculum and others
. • It includes powerful interviews with some of the top experts in the fields of archaeology and Egyptology as well as people of influence in the Middle East.
• The film has an objective, fair-minded and balanced approach. It allows viewpoints from all sides to be heard in a respectful way while asking honest questions of the Bible and scholars’ views. It does not preach and lets the evidence speak for itself. This allows the film to be very shareable with those of different viewpoints.
Now onto the GIVEAWAY

Disclosure : (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller /FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days on the same blog, you are not eligible to win. Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. 


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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Best Hair Dye for Busy Moms

It was six years ago when I stepped into a salon. It was to have my hair color. It was also a gift certificate from my husband, who insisted that I need to take some time out and splurge a little bit. I am also a frugal stay at home mom, and I can not justify paying $150-200 for my hair. Moms can relate to me on this: before we spend on ourselves...we think about the needs of our family first.  I am all for loving on ourselves, but I also know my priorities. Not that taking care of myself is not a priority. In fact, I believe that we are called to be good stewards of our body as it is a gift from God. All I'm saying is that..if there is an alternative cheaper way. I am in.

**This post contains affiliate links. Please know that I will not recommend a product that I have not tried myself. Read the full disclosure.

I first got familiarize with Madison Reed on Pinterest when I was searching for best hair color system. Even though I am not thrilled about the cost of hair coloring in a salon, I can not deny the fact that I do love salon results. I also like the fact that you get serviced and pampered. Madison Reed's cost for a box is $24.95. If you sign up for automatic delivery, it comes down to $19.99. It may still look like you are not paying the best price. Let me tell you, what you get in a box.

1. Instruction ( Of course!) - but if you still have questions not covered in the sheet, you can always give them a call or send them an email.
2.Barrier Cream - Keeps the stain out of your beautiful skin.
3.Cleansing Wipe- Keeps your ears, forehead, and neck color-free.
4.Cleansing Wipe- love this! If you happen to have some drips on your skin, the wipe makes the clean up easy,
5. Radiant Cream Color - "Rich with nutrients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root to strengthen and protect hair while delivering radiant, multi-dimensional color. Free from ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, parabens, and gluten" (Madison Reed, n.d.).
6. Conditioning Color Activator
7. Protective Cap
8. Gloves- Two pairs of gloves. One for when you are coloring and one for the rinsing part.
9. Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner- Rich with nutrients and free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten, our shampoo and conditioner locks in your color and creates long-lasting shine (Madison Reed, n.d.).

    I do have some gray roots that I need to color, every two weeks. I need a box of hair dye that would give me salon results, won't damage my hair, and most importantly without breaking the bank.

This was my BEFORE applying Madison Reed color system shot.

     My natural hair color is black. I tried different store bought hair dye boxes from light brown, all the way to blue black. My hair will look great on the first day only, and it is harsh on my hair as well. The stain is a different story! Removing the dye on my skin is hard. I do use petroleum jelly. However, there are still some hard to remove areas.

This was my AFTER applying Madison Reed color system shot.

 It is noticeably shinier and healthier. And the stains? I did not end up having raw skin and scalp in trying to clean the unwanted color. My hair is softer! It smells great too, thanks to the shampoo and conditioner. I did not have to color my hair after 2 weeks. The subscription option comes really handy since we have busy schedules..this is a plus!

   The hair color that I ordered was Parma black. If you wonder how I am able to decide on what is th ebest color for me, well that is because Madison Reed have a system that will ask you questions to profile your hair. With this, you are assured that you are getting the right shade. You will also get an expert, a colorist to help you with your hair color experience or if you need assistance.

If you wonder, what does it look like after a few weeks. This is my hair, still shiny and feels healthy!


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Madison Reed New Radiant Color Kit Box

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Benefits of Using Petroleum and Paraben Free Products

What are Parabens?

Parabens are used as a preservative in cosmetic products. Parabens are found in toothpaste, shampoos, anti-aging creams, acne creams, shaving creams, cosmetics and a more. It helps to increase the life of the products. They prevent bacteria and molds, kills microorganisms.

Why is it bad then?

Not recently, a lot of companies had released a number of paraben free products. From cosmetics, all the way to children and baby products. There were studies that linked parabens to breast and testicular cancer. It was also linked to reduced sperm counts. Read more HERE.

What is Petroleum?

Petroleum in beauty products goes by many names (mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum) Petroleum jelly is a mixture of hydrocarbons, having a melting point usually within a few degrees of human body temperature, approximately 37 °C (99 °F) It is flammable only when heated to liquid; then the fumes will light, not the liquid itself, so a wick material like leaves, bark, or small twigs is needed to ignite petroleum jelly. It is colorless, or of a pale yellow color (when not highly distilled), translucent, and devoid of taste and smell when pure. It does not oxidize on exposure to the air and is not readily acted on by chemical reagents. It is insoluble in water.
Depending on the specific application of petroleum jelly, grade, processing and handling ,  petroleum jelly can be  suitable for medicinal and personal care applications.

If it can be suitable why is it bad then?

According to, there was a study by Environmental Working Group, that  a lot of cosmetics and toiletry products that are petroleum based may contain cancer causing impurity. Read more HERE.

While I agree that research on products and practices often changes and contradict each other, I think  that It is just best to avoid petroleum and parabens. What benefits will we get by avoiding the use of the two?

1. Peace of mind that you are not using a carcinogenic product. Most specially if you are using paraben and petroleum free products on your own children.

2. Using paraben free products can improve you and your spouse’s chance of conceiving since the use of products with parabens can reduce sperm count. Read the study HERE.

3.Products that are used to replace parabens and petroleum are natural ingredients. It contains high antioxidant properties. These ingredients present in the products are absorbed easily by the skin and act on the free radicals present in the body and destroy them.

This is not one of those “you need to buy this product because I got paid to do so” blog post. I truly believe in this little jar of miracle ointment. As a mom, I know  that you will agree with me on this one. We spend our time researching, making, buying, reading safe products for our family. Why? Because IT MATTERS.

This jar contains only the best ingredients. Plant based and natural ingredients that really great for our skin.  Do not be deceived by the simplicity of the jar. It does not need fancy or brightly colored container. The stuff inside, the balm is the real deal.

I keep them in my purse ALL THE TIME.

I use it ALL THE TIME.


Dry and chapped lips
Dry nails, cuticles (Mom’s we all suffer with this!)
Dry scalp
Dry patches on my face
Super dry heels
Cold sore
Dry and cracked hands

You know what I love about RESTORE? It was made and formulated by a doctor and a mom who got frustrated with products that contains unwanted ingredients.  Dr. Heather Rogers created the products to help her patients and her own family heal using plant base and natural ingredients. Read more about Dr. Heather Rogers HERE.


G I V E A W A Y   T I M E 

DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products/services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it in my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

How to Introduce God's Word to your Toddlers

I grew up thinking that I will for sure go to hell. ( no joke!) .  I did not see Jesus as our Savior. I went to a Catholic school all the way through high school. I was pretty much involved in church, went to children's catechism and Legion of Mary as a teenager.  I also grew up watching relatives and family members go to church , attend processions and host prayer meetings.Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those. I just did not have a relationship with Jesus. I now have a different view of our Jesus.

What we need to do is to lead the way to know God. They say, the first five years of life is very important when it comes to the development of reading and speaking. The first five years are also important for them to know that God's word..the Bible is not a set of rules.  We need to write in their hearts and minds that they do not have to be good so God will love them and that if they misbehave, God will stop loving them.

I always believe that you can never start to early when it comes to teaching young ones about God's word. About His love and unending mercy. His amazing grace. I take this very seriously. Our children belong to Him, entrusted to us. We hope that one day they will become the citizen that our Heavenly Father called them to be. We just can not teach them how to behave properly in the church. We can not just pack our bags with "busy bags", hoping that they will be occupied for the rest of the service. We need to equip them starting at an early age.

       Image Source

Can a toddler really grasp it? Will they be able to absorb God's word?  YES !  Let's first discuss the cognitive development of a toddler .When your child was an infant they  learned about the world around them by touching, looking, manipulating, and listening. As a toddler, the learning process is more  thoughtful. His grasp of language is increasing. His memory and intellectual abilities develop. Their learning is through imitation as well. Toddlers can choose a book , can repeat words , can tell what the story of the book is ( in their own words and understanding).

Invest in a great Beginners Bible.

At this stage, they love to see pictures! Make sure that it is age appropriate. If you are not decided on which Bible to get, you can first check it out at your local library. We use The Beginner's Bible Book.

Perfect Bible for Young Kids

 Simple crafts

Do some fun and simple crafts with them. Pinterest is such a wonderful tool for this kind of stuff. Not just recipes! I saw this cute and fun activity for Noah's Ark . See It HERE. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Devotional night

Start a nightly devotional with your family. You can involve toddlers! It doesn't have to be formal or at night. We prefer to do it at night before we go to bed because everybody is relaxed and calm after a shower or bath.Our mornings are usually busy and we do not want to hurry this very important time of ours together. If mornings work for it and be consistent as much as possible. If you still do not know how to do family devotional with a toddler, READ THIS from Intentional by Grace.

How to do devotionals with a toddler

Worship Songs

Our girls love worship songs. It makes my heart happy and I can't help to smile everytime they sing a worship song. You can listen to Spotify or you tube. Here in our area , we listen to radio station 89.7 KSGN .Here's a few songs that our family loves!

10 Worship Songs that will Lift your Spirit

 Simple Lesson at Home

Again, I will give credit to Pinterest. There are tons and tons of Bible base lessons and activities. Some are free , and some are complete curriculum that you can purchase. I suggest to just start with the free ones, to see what works for you and your toddler.  Just look at this fun lessons from Steadfast Family. Just poke around her blog and I am sure that you will be inspired!

Reading- Board Books

Both of our girls, love board books. Through reading you are not only helping them to love reading and speaking but  it also strengthens your relationship with  them. It helps develop their cognitive skills. It open up a whole new world to them. It matters what we read to them too, so why not add Bible base board books to your collection.

We got these books and even though our youngest is already 5 yrs old, she still loves it! Pages are very sturdy for babies and toddlers! Colorful, modern and cute illustrations will keep them entertained. I also love that the illustrations are right on point and not too busy! Simple words yet straight to the point--the truth.

About the book:
Retail price: 6.99
Children will learn that God asked Noah to build a big boat; that it rained and rained for days; and that God saved Noah and the animals, placing a rainbow in the sky. They will learn to count the animals two by two and will discover the many colors of the rainbow. Both books feature the vibrant artwork of Susana Gay. Uncluttered pages make animals and objects stand out, helping to build a child’s vocabulary as the parent or child names zebras, fish, bears, and more. These board book keepsakes are fresh, simple, and uniquely crafted for today’s families.

About the book:
Retail Price 6.99
In the Beginning, tells the story of Creation in just one hundred words, highlighting key moments for little ones. Children will learn that in the beginning, everything was dark. Then God said, “Let there be light.” He created the seas and the land, the sun and the moon, all the creatures on the earth . . . and us! And then God rested.

About the Authors: 
Susana Gay is an award-winning graphic designer and the owner of Threehaus, a branding and design studio in Winter Park, Florida. Susana collaborated with her seven-year-old son, Owen, to create Noah’s Ark as a gift for a family baptism. Owen retold the story and sketched some of the fun and friendly scenes. Working with Owen, Susana polished the text and created the art. They followed Noah’s Ark with In the Beginning, resulting in a series of unique and beautiful introductions to favorite childhood Bible stories.

DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products/services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it in my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this is in accordance with FTC guidelines.

 G I V E A W A Y   T I M E 

 ------> GIVEAWAY ENDED<------

 Maria Dizon
Fontana, CA 

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