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Monday, September 25, 2017

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

How's everybody's school year going? I am sure that most of us have mixed emotions about our children going to school. Busy as usual and we are all becoming masters of time management. Between the challenge of taking them to school every morning, packing lunches, homework and after-school activities, it can be overwhelming and tiring. Time management, planning and being organized are my top key suggestions in surviving ( and thriving ) the school year.

Sometimes, our kid's order food from the cafeteria and most of the time...I pack their lunches. It is affordable, and I do love packing their food. However, it can also get crazy when you ran out of ideas of what to pack. In our household, it is a case of hit and miss. There are some recipes that they do request and love, and there are school lunches that absolutely do not even want to touch. Luckily, there are a lot of talented parents out there with lots of school lunch and after school snack ideas.  Here are 20 school lunches that are healthy and delicious!

I especially love food containers that have compartments in it. It is much more inspiring to pack them good and healthy lunches that way. If you are hunting for one, here are a few ideas:

We also use Mabels Labels to keep our girl's containers and bottles from getting lost.  Here's why I love and recommend Mabels Labels ( not only because I am not an affiliate).

1. They are cost effective. Why? They are very durable and made to last. Lucy had been using the same lunch container since last school year. It's been washed numerous times of course and had been not just in school but also when we go for short trips. You will get your money's worth.

2. Customer service.Their customer service is service at their best. I am an "just order it online" kinda mom. Online shopping can be hard when you experience glitches. However, there is some company that is not too friendly when you need assistance in ordering. You can count on their customer service, you will get help and will be answered.

3. Designs and system. Their designs are way too cute! Plus their online store is very easy to navigate.

Back To School _HK 240x250

I have also use their labels not just for their containers but also their personal belongings. I have used it to label their Bibles as well. Sunday school can get really busy, and we have been through several Bibles that got lost. You can use Mabels Labels to keep your kid safe. They also have allergy label alert, bag tags, household label as well. Visit their website to see their products!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Best Gluten-Free Baked Chicken

Our girls are both in school now, and it's funny how I miss the little one here at home. The quiet time is nice, and I can shop by myself without the youngest one in tow. I will not lie, the first few days were hard. It is a new season of life for us. With me, going back to school for my Master's degree and two young girls in full-day elementary school.

As days passed by though, the extra quiet time was handy. I can concentrate on my homework and readings...and there is a LOT of reading. Since this season of life brought us a new level of busy, I am using a lot of simple recipes. I use my crock pot often and I look for ways to simplify our day to day routine.  This chicken is so easy to prepare and very tasty! By far, the most tender, juicy and most delicious chicken I've ever made. The secret? Cinnamon.

Yup, you've read that right. Cinnamon gives this chicken a distinct but great taste. So, please for the love of not skip the cinnamon. Try it!

This best tasting chicken is gluten free and frugal to boot! Save more by buying chicken drumsticks that are on sale. You can double the recipe so you can just warm and serve the next day. Serve it. with rice or gluten-free pasta

This also great with mashed potato or mashed cauliflower. Chicken legs are tender and my family absolutely loved it.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Patriotic Swirl Cupcakes

It's been crazy hot here in Inland Empire! Triple digit miserable hot. I do all the cooking and baking early in the morning to avoid overheating the whole house. You can't take this girl away from baking treats. I've been on a cupcake craze lately. Looking for a cupcake recipe from scratch.  In fact, I made a Pinterest board dedicated to my love for cupcakes. Though my love for cake pop is also right there with my love for easy and simple cupcake recipes.

How do you make easy cupcakes from scratch?

This simple and easy cupcake recipe that I will share with you is a basic white cupcake. It is not crumbly and dry. Moist and full. It's uses all purpose flour and not cake flour. It needs egg whites only. I used Aldi's Fit N Active egg whites. We do have regular milk so I used almond milk instead. It turned out crazy good.

Don't get me started with the easy and simple buttercream frosting. With all the recipes that you can fin for cupcake frosting, by far this is the easiest that I found. You will also find some product suggestions that I used making these cupcake . I have provided amazon links as well. Please see my full disclosure HERE.


This easy and simple cupcake recipe makes: 24 cupcakes

3 cups all purpose flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups, sugar
3/4 cups milk
5 egg whites

Buttercream Frosting
4 cups confectioners sugar, sifted
2 tbsp milk
1 cup solid vegetable shortening

 Tools you will need : piping bags, tip # , Wilton color right system, flour sifter , extra bowls , cupcake liners, electric mixer ( This is the mixer that I use and love.).


Let's start with the cupcakes. Line your cupcake/muffin tin with paper liners.  Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.  Sift flour and baking powder.

Beat butter until light and fluffy. Add in vanilla, mix well. Add flour alternately with milk. Your batter will look really dry.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff ( NOT DRY). Fold the egg whites into the batter.

Pour batter into the prepared cupcake tin. I used a tablespoon to measure my batter. I did 3 tbsp for each slot.  Bake for 7- 19 minutes. Check if it is fully baked by inserting a toothpick into the center of the cupcake. When it comes out clean, you are good to go! Transfer the cupcakes onto a cooling rack.

Are you ready for the buttercream frosting? Note that I am making a pure white icing. If you are not wanting to produce a pure white icing , reduce the shortening to a 1/2 cup only, then add 1/2 cup of butter.
Beat the shortening , 1/2 tsp NO COLOR butter flavor  and vanilla. Gradually add the sugar, one cup at a time on a medium speed. Icing may appear dry at this point, gradually add milk and beat at medium speed.
 If you want a thinner consistency ( add 2 tbsp of milk or water).
I divided my icing into three bowls . Reserve the white icing and set aside.

Start adding the colors.

For the red : 40 R
Blue : icing + 26 B + 8 R + 4 P

 I used Wilton Color Right System

I enjoyed tinting the icing! I also used Color Swirl 3- Color Coupler.

Fill each bag with red, white and blue icing and fitting with tip #1M . Pipe a  swirl on each cooled cupcake. 

 Aren't they pretty?

 Decorate your cupcakes with your favorite sprinkles!  I used patriotic star sprinkles .

You can  also use cupcake toppers or colored sugars. Now that is the really fun part! 

I just love the colors!  The cupcake is not dry and crumbly.  If you have left over buttercream frosting, just put it in an airtight container store it in your refrigerator. When you are ready to use it, just bring it to room temperature and "re- fluff" .
Use the left over on cookies too!  Our girls love to decorate cut out cookies . I hope that you will enjoy this easy cupcake recipe.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Top 6 Tips for Living Comfortably on a Tight Budget

Living on a tight budget doesn’t need to be a nightmare – it’s often just a few small changes here and there until you’re on terra firma. With these six quick tips, you’ll find you’re able to stretch a tight budget a lot further.

Information Is Power

Do you even know where your money is going each month? Begin religiously documenting when and where your money is being spent. Keep a spreadsheet of all of your income and outgoings, and at the end of the month tally all of the items to see where you’re spending all of the money you work so hard to earn.
Consider the debts that you have, how much you still have to repay, and the interest rates you are paying on them. Prioritize repaying the loans and credit cards that are charging you the most interest and get yourself out of debt as soon as possible.

Stop Eating Out and Eat Healthily at Home

Eating out, getting takeaways, and going through drive-ins is one of the most expensive things that a family on a budget can do. The costs really do add up. An average family can spend between $300 and $500 a month on restaurant and takeaway bills.
Do some basic research into nutritional requirements and begin eating a healthy and balanced diet prepared at home. When you cut out the junk food, your home food bills go right down, your family will be healthier, and you might end up having a lot of fun cooking together!

Leverage Credit against Your Collateral Assets

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you’re poor. Often, people with sizable assets can be on a tight budget at points in their lives, when they move house or purchase a car, for example. If you have the majority of your money tied up in tangible assets, you can find yourself in an illiquid cash situation – you’ve got money on paper but not much cash to spend.
In such cases, consider taking out a loan against your property. Banks will generally give you better interest rates as there is much less risk to them.
Even if you just own a car, this is a potential source of credit. You can get a cash loan on a car title, allowing you to pay more pressing debts immediately and spread out the cost over a much more manageable period at a better interest rate.

Get Into DIY

The internet has made learning new skills easy, yet many people have to pay an external company to do their home repairs and improvements for them. See if you can borrow any required tools from neighbors or friends so that you don’t need to pay out of pocket for them. Most of the repairs around the household are simple to perform – and plumbers/joiners/electricians are expensive!
If something breaks and you don’t have the cash or know how to replace or repair it now, figure out a way to live without it in the short term. If the washer is broken, take your clothes to the laundromat or wash them yourself. If the kettle is broken, heat water in a saucepan until you’re able to afford a good quality replacement.

Save on Kids Stuff

We all know that having kids is a massive expense, but you don’t need to always indulge them. Soda, candy, nail polish, toys – it all adds up. For older kids, it may be time for them to pay for these indulgences on their own through a part-time job. For younger kids, you’ll need to decide which are the most important things to purchase for your loved ones and which will just be tossed after five minutes.
Kids’ activities are a particular drain on funds. If you’re on a budget, you’re going to have to think long and hard on whether those gymnastic lessons are within your budget when you’re struggling to pay the mortgage.
Kids don’t need expensive activities. They’re generally just as happy playing with mom and dad as they would be going on an expensive day trip.

Buy Used

Finally, purchasing items used is significantly cheaper than buying them new. A car, for example, generally costs around 45% of its new price when it is five years old, even if it has been lightly used. Yard sales and thrift stores are alternatives to high street stores that allow you save up to 90% of the cost.

Guest Post by :
Brandon Davis
Outreach Relations Manager
Midwest Title Loans

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The 10 Most Effective Ways to Save Money

As a stay at home mom, I know how hard it can be financially. We skimp on things. We plan carefully. We make things homemade. We coupon. We have a budget and we try to stick to it. We appreciate the overtime work that comes our way. The truth is, I don't think only SAHM are the only ones who think about living frugally and saving money.

Saving money is hard when you do not know how to find ways to save. Saving money can be challenging if you do not set your heart and mind to it. We all know that little amounts here and there easily adds up. Different families have tricks and tips. What worked for them, may not necessarily work for you. The good news is that there are tons of ways, effective ways to save money. From food to clothing to prescriptions

1. Cut your grocery bills in half. While this may be hard at first, menu planning will definitely help. If you have time to do so, you can clip coupons or download money saving rebate apps. Most stores nowadays, have their own app and bar code. Some apps, you can accumulate points for rewards. Shop in bulk if it makes sense.

2. Lower your electric or gas bill. We live in Southern California. Inland Empire to be exact and summer season is really a summer season. When it's hot, it gets really hot. I signed up for summer program from SoCal Edison. What it is was, you adjust the thermostat when they notify you of power saving days. You either adjust it to a comfortable setting ( 78 or 80 degrees) or avoid using major appliances at certain hours. I must say that I was pretty happy that we did that. Why? Because of all the credits that we accumulated for the fall season. Those credits reflected on our electric bill. How about a $20 electric bill? Can't complain. ( free) can help you also to lower your electric bills. Or you can personally call your electric / utility  company. They might have some programs that you are not aware of.

3. Review and revisit your car insurance again. It will not hurt if you make some phone calls. Ask for discounts, esp if you have a great driving record. They might even have bundling discounts, where you can bundle your home and car insurance.

4. Cut the cable. You can sign up for Amazon prime ( not just the perks of free shipping but videos/shows too), Hulu or Netflix.

5. Learn a skill/ Baking perhaps, who knows maybe you can turn that hobby into a home base business. Sewing classes, you just don't know how creative you can be and it cam lead to sewing your own clothes, kid's clothes, curtains and more.

6. Have fun with little to no money. Check out one of my popular post : 50 Things To Do with Your Kids Before They Grow Up.

7. Think homemade. Make your own coffee. Pack your own lunch. Try homemade cleaning products.

8. Love to read? Shop second hand books. Shop book sales at your local library.

9. Pack snacks when your out and about. Trips to fast food even though it is a value meal , easily adds up. Besides your body will thank you.

10. Save time and money with SingleCare App. When you have school age kids. I'm sure you can relate to this. When your kids come home sick, then everybody gets sick. Medicines specially prescription drugs are expensive! Most specially if your family does not have a great coverage (health insurance). Luckily , with SingleCare you can save up to 80% on services ( dental, vision) and prescriptions. The app is FREE. That's a great start right?

How does it work?

SingleCare's savings can be both found on their website, Itunes or Google Play store (where you can also register to get a free card). It saves you money by partnering with 35,000 pharmacies nationwide to give consumers up to 80% savings on 50,000 different prescriptions. They also partnered with over 200,000 providers – you can save up to 55% on dental care. Based on my own personal experience, dental expenses are a killer. In a bad way! It is just so expensive. With vision, they partnered with Walmart Vision centers with 1,500 locations nationwide. The prices are all negotiated, so you’ll be paying SingleCare and they will pay the provider directly. Amazing right?

Here's a quick view from my phone.

I need some allergy medicine. Just fill up the needed info on the space provided.

and here was my search results. What I love about this is that not only it saves me time from checking which pharmacy will carry the cheapest medicine but it also saves me travel time.

I even tried a different medicine.

Once you decided on which pharmacy to go, click/select on it and just show your codes to the pharmacist.

I was also looking for a new dentist, I really love that they showed the prices and services. I really do not like surprise charges and amounts. I can prepare and save up for major procedures. Though we know how it goes with dental check ups, so,etimes you really do not what procedures are needed to get done until after the x ray. but at least this way, a rough estimate will be a great help.

Download SingleCare's app HERE : 

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Friday, September 9, 2016

68 Ways To Be Frugal

    Frugal, tightwad, cheap, stingy are adjectives that some find offending. Why is there a negative connotation with these words? A lot of people struggle in life because we fail to realize how to live within and below our means. Some people get too busy looking into others peoples success without knowing the story behind it and do not realize you eventually fall into a pit of jealousy and insecurity. This is a poisonous path, leading you into a pretentious life just to keep up.  We need to realize how living a simple life can bring us contentment.

   Frugal living in my opinion is not a destination. I think it is a constant re-evaluation. It may not be easy but it is totally worth it. You  can live well and live fruitfully by spending less. There are a lot of ways how we can save money. Here's 68 ways that we can be frugal:

  1. Plan your meals. Eat out less and pack your lunch to work or school.
  2. Have a grocery budget and stick to it. Plan on less money to begin with.
    Skip Starbucks. Make your favorite drink at home. Try this : Starbucks Copycat Recipes
  3. Make your own pantry staples. Try :9 Pantry Staples That You Can Make at Home
  4. Clip coupons.
  5. Learn how to stack coupons ( store coupons with Manufacturer Coupons)
  6. Join Ibotta, checkout51, Shopmium, Berrycart , a rebate app for your groceries. Earn cash for the items you always buy anyway. Double the savings by using coupons.
  7. Be creative with your left overs.
  8. Have a no grocery week, cook what's available in your pantry.
  9. Serve more veggies than meat.
  10. Eat healthy. It will serve you good in the long run.
  11. Try a breakfast for dinner night. Think brinner. 
  12. Shop dollar tree for healthy items like frozen fruits or single serve fish.
  13. Have a Meatless Friday nights. Here's 20 Tasty Meatless Meals.
  14. Make your own pizza. Make it a fun family night. Here's an easy Homemade Pizza Dough.
  15. Don't always stock up on ALL of the deals. If you always use it,then go for it.
  16. After buying your produce and fruits, wash 'em and cut 'em as soon as you can. You will more than likely cook it or eat it when it's ready to go in advance.
  17. If you love to eat out once in a while , join their mailing list or mailing club. They offer rewards and coupons. Like Chili's, it's nice to get a discount or a free kids meal.
  18. Host a freezer meal exchange party. Gather your friends, neighbors, relatives. Everybody makes a batch of freezer meal and exchange recipes with each other.
  19.  Buy what's in season and freeze them. Here's HOW.
  20.  Join a co-op.
  21. Keep a price book. What is a price book? Read here.
  22. Some men's products are cheaper than women's. Try men's shaving cream for instance! ( no one needs to know).
  23. Try generic brands. They are as good and sometimes much better than the leading brands.

22. You don't have to sign up on all of the streaming videos. $8 or $12 a month adds up pretty quickly.
23. Quit the cable and go for chromecast specially if you have wi-fi at home.
24. Visit parks instead of malls.
25.Check nearby colleges and universities for free activities and cultural events.
26. Visit your library and get a library card. They have free rentals on DVDs and paid 3 day loan as well for a very reasonable price. Most libraries would let you take out 50 books.

50 Things to do with our kids before they grow up- You will build strong relationships.

27. Visit your community center. Most of them offer a one year membership but that membership opens up a lot of perks. You can sign up for different programs ( sometimes free, sometimes you pay at a reasonable price). You can find a yoga class, Zumba, CPR class, computer classes and much more!
28. Check the dates for FREE entrances on National Parks and have a picnic or exploring day.

29. Your local community center has a lot of fun things to offer as well for your kids ( See info on no.27). If you are a low income family, you can ask about their scholarship program . Even though you don't qualify , their yearly resident or non resident membership is till very affordable. They have classes like Ballet, Self Defense/ Tae Kwondo/Kung Fu, hip hop dance, sports and more.
30. Library - yep, they have free programs from tots to teens.
31. Sign up for Macaroni kids - they send out weekly activities , free and fun things to do as a family in your area.
32. Swap kids books with your neighborhood.
33. Host a neighborhood outdoor/backyard movie night. Everybody brings snacks to munch on and to share with.
34. It's okay to let our children get bored, they will come up with something fun to do themselves that we adults wouldn't even think about.
35. Never estimate what an empty box can do. I remember our kids when they were toddlers, an empty box,crayons, markers and stickers kept them busy and happy. ( just use non toxic and washable art supplies--you'll be glad you did)
36.  There are a lot of free online resources for learning too!

37. Love movies? Take advantage of matinee times and summer dollar movies.
38. If you are in the military or a veteran, sign up at MILITARY.COM and ID.ME for discounts.
39. Have a board game night.
40. Always pack your snacks when traveling. Even when we traveled abroad, we brought our own water bottles and packed our kid's snacks.

Worry Free Travel with Young Kids


41. Go through your bills and see which is the biggest budget sucker. If it is your cable bill or phone bill make a phone call to adjust your bill. We've done this and we did receive an awesome deal. But after a while, prices will go up again so don't be afraid to switch companies if needed.
42. Buy used clothes. Esp for kids, they grow up so fast. Find a nice second hand store or consignment store for kids.
43. Sell your used baby gear, clothes, kids clothes and toys ( and more!) at a consignment store. We have a couple here that do give you store credit and you can use that credit to shop at their store too!  Have you heard of Moo La La Boutique Children's  Consignment Event?  I have sold and have earned about $300 just by selling our used children's items. It is a great and fun event and you have perks when you volunteer and sell. See here for DETAILS.
44. You don't always have to upgrade your gadgets to keep up with technology.
41.If you are tempted to shop online or go out to a mall to splurge, pause before ordering and ask why are you buying. If you are just bored or sad, remember that shopping is only a temporary way to fill that void.
45. Ditch the gym. Transform a space in your house into a workout space. Have you tried Beachbody On demand? You can stream hundreds of proven workouts right into the comfort of your own home.
46. Need to buy bigger clothes? How about thinking of a long term solution? Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, later on when you reach your ideal health goals, you can buy clothes. You can now reward yourself. Think big here, yes you are going to spend later on BUT think about the other positive result from that. Your health.
47. For cars : buy used cars, change your own oil regularly, share your car with your partner ( if you don't have kids), carpool, don't speed, change your air filter by yourself, wash your own car, re examine your auto insurance bills and shop around if needed.
48. Get rid of vices: smoking. Just stop. No excuses.
49.  Try your best to pay your bills on time, late fees are no fun. If you need more time, call the company  and they are usually willing to  work with you. That way , you will not accrue late payment fees.
50. It is not always wise to use your credit card. It is not free money. Yes it may free you up on a current situation but later on you will have to pay that bill. Use cash.
51. Think before you spend. you don't have the cash for it. Save for it.

How to pay for your travel in cash

52. Refill ink cartridges , don't always buy new ones. Costco usually sends out coupons for  already bargained refilling services.
53. Speaking of Costco, you can split the annual membership with a room mate, neighbor or  a friend. You can also shop together. I remember doing this with my room mates, we bought a case of toilet paper and we all split the goods and the cost.
54. Take advantage of refurbished items. We bought a roku stick for $20 at groupon! Plus, roku has a lot of free channels to watch.
55. Be careful of "vampire electricity" or "phantom electricity" , don't leave an unused device plugged in as it will continue to draw small amounts of energy.
56. Fix any energy leaks(drafts) in your home. Seal the leaks because they make your a/c system work harder.
57.  Use LED or energy saver bulbs.
58 . Install aerating and low flow faucets and shower heads to save on your water bill.
59. Consider wearing thick sweaters or bundling up in winter time to avoid all day usage of your heater.
60. When making necessary purchases, think quality. You may save a few dollars but it might not last as long or you may not get your money's worth. So might as well invest in a quality product. This is one department that my husband always reminds me, invest in a good one and it will keep you from buying all the time.
61 .Embrace DIY but don't always "DIY" most especially if it will cost you more money.
62. Stop keeping up with the joneses.. Find your own happiness and realize how blessed you are. Don't let that attitude dictate your life and your spending. It is a habit that will not do you good. If you have to prove something all the time, you might want to re examine your thinking. That is a very toxic way of life.
63. Invest in knowledge. If needed , enroll in an enrichment class. Enroll in a baking class, who knows maybe you can use that skill to start your own home based business. Learn how to sew, so you can sew your own bedding, curtains and clothes! Nowadays, there is a ton of free tutorials on you tube.
64. Don't be shy to haggle.
65. Knowledge is  power. Always find ways to feed your brain. I love reading my fellow bloggers frugal tips. Read on financial topics. I do find myself inspired all the time when I do read financial books and testimony. They sure do empower you and encourage you .

66. Always re think on how you can re use your stuff. Several years ago, I got myself into binder organization. A binder for bills, a binder for homemaking, a binder for it I got a binder for that. Fast forward now, well I do not have all the time to keep up with all of my binders. So I re used the binders for something else. I am reusing it for keeping our kid's school keepsakes and for our Lily, who I am homeschooling for preschool.  Speaking of binders , this is how I organized our manuals and warranties.

How to organize anuals and warranties

67. Embrace a " Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" attitude. Sometimes, it is just in our heads, we will come up with good reasons why we needed to purchase. Be creative.

68. Do not be embarrassed to be frugal. Attitude is everything with this lifestyle. Being frugal is freeing, smart and practical. Being frugal is being humble and contented. Being frugal means you appreciate what is important in life. Being frugal means you are a good steward of your money. Being frugal means you are not a slave to money.

How about you, what other frugal ways would you love to share?

How to Survive and Thrive on a Single Income

Thursday, December 31, 2015

5 Books That You Should Read To Get You Started With Your Financial Goals

New year is fast approaching and I am sure that you have a new set of goals. Most of you will have a list of New Year's resolution that involves being debt free or just have the need to have control of your money. 
There is no shame in trying to get rid of your debt or learning how to have a budget. You will learn that on this list of books that I personally recommend, the common ground is budget and living a simple life.These 5 books are the books that you should always have on your shelf, or even read every year!

A Bountiful Love is a participant on Amazon Affiliate Program, when an item is purchased through my links I earn a small advertising fee.

 Total Money Make Over 
By Dave Ramsey


I've had this book for a while now and I always recommend it.
Best and inspiring line : " financial freedom is 80% behavior and 20% knowledge "
This book gives you baby and do able steps towards your financial freedom. Married couples can greatly benefit from this book. But it is also geared towards 20 to 30 yrs old. The book also shared real life experience that will really get you motivated. If you think paying off your debt is impossible or even paying a car with cash is a this book!

 Say Goodbye to Survival Mode : 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More and Restore Your Passion for Life.
 by Crystal Paine


  Let me start with , this book is not just for bloggers. It is for all MOMS. Moms, from different walks of life. Working moms , stay at home moms. Why geared towards moms? Because we always have the "Superwoman" attitude. We love our family and our work so much that we tend to forget taking care of number one--> YOURSELF. We gave into the vicious cycle of having less to no sleep to "do more". We do not  ask for help and simplify things when needed, we are perfectionist, we try to do it all and don't slow down. We fail to manage our finances.  All of these will just result into a very , very bad case of burning out. I've been there, I think we all did at one point.  I like when she shed light on how sacrifices and having faith can greatly affect your finances.

I love this book so much that I actually gave it as gifts for Christmas. Very useful, a book that you need to keep on your shelf all the time as a reminder.

by Ruth Soukup 


How serious are you in changing your behaviors and finances?  If you can commit 31 days into doing her clear and insightful assignments , you will succeed. Do not underestimate this book though, it may be a one focus goal - spending zero, you will be surprised on how she laid out a clean plan , do able actions and helpful resources! No spending in a month can really be a scary and impossible idea for some but this book will show you that it is indeed possible. It will change your behavior and your outlook. Focusing more on the positive side than what you are giving up.

by Steve and Annette Economides


I know, don't raise an eyebrow on me. They’ve been called cheapskates and tightwads. During tough economic times, Steve and Annette have managed to feed their family of seven on just $350 per month, pay off their first house in nine years and purchase a second, larger home, buy cars with cash, take wonderful vacations, and put money in savings. Without degrees in finance or six-figure salaries.They had created a comfortable life for their family and most of all--- debt-free! 

I had read this book over 2 yrs ago I think and I would still recommend it in a heartbeat. You do not have to do every single thing they did. They provided tons of ideas on how to save money and how to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

The Complete Tightwad Gazette
by Amy Dacyczyn


Okay so another tightwad term, that some people find it so offending and shameful. To start with your financial goal, you need to stop being ashamed of being a tightwad and Amy will just make you realize that there is nothing wrong with that. Read this book and it will change your life. Again, let me repeat that. Read this book and it will change your life. She will also give you some insight on raising your kids in a world of materialism. 

Just like any other frugal living books out there, you do not have to do every single thing that she does. Tweak it according to your family. Eliminate what doesn't work .  Let her insights on frugality inspire you to come up with ways based on your family needs. She gave a whole lot of options throughout the book. 

I would love to connect with you!

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