Saturday, December 9, 2017

Give the Gift of Experience: Battleship Iowa

Battleship IOWA is the West Coast’s only Battleship open to the public. Operated by the non-profit Pacific Battleship Center (PBC), the IOWA opened on July 7, 2012 as an interactive naval museum at the L.A. Waterfront. It is dedicated to “Celebrating the American Spirit” through the preservation and interpretation of the Battleship IOWA. By sharing the accomplishments and sacrifices of American patriots and engaging visitors in unique and exciting ways PBC brings the ship to life by connecting the past with the present and future (Battleship USS Iowa, n.d.).

The Battleship IOWA Museum is a Top 10 regional attraction, consistently rated a must-visit museum, and rated one of the "Best Cool Exhibits to See With Your Kids" by CBS Los Angeles. Your self-guided adventure highlights life at sea for thousands of sailors over the past 70 years, while interacting with numerous exhibits through the National Battleship Museum and using our state of the art award-winning interactive tour app. Children can follow our clever mascot dog named Victory on a popular scavenger hunt. Known as the Battleship of Presidents, USS Iowa is located at the former home to the US Navy Pacific fleet and an area rich in maritime history.


Camp Battleship: a youth overnight program that begins with a STEAM introduction tour, dinner, evening activity, and sleeping in the actual bunks that sailors used during IOWA's last commissioning. Continue to enjoy the ship in the morning with breakfast in the mess decks and time in our ship's store. Camp Battleship guests continue to rave about the fun they have on board the ship!

Youth STEM Education & School Tour Programs: A field trip to Battleship IOWA presents an array of entirely novel stimuli to the student. The features of a battleship compel their attention as it confronts them with features unprecedented in their experience. Most student visitors have never been aboard a ship of any type, much less a vintage WWII warship. They walk through President Roosevelt's private cabin, and climb to the Admiral's Bridge for an unmatched seven-story vista of their historic maritime village. They participate in a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) experience coupled with history creating a well-rounded educational event.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Blogger Spotlight Link Party # 91

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Healthy Living Link Party #140

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    Tuesday, December 5, 2017

    Strengthening Family Time

    Life has a way of shifting our focus. Often times we do not intend it to happen, we just lose focus on what is really important. We are orn between our work, church , family time, chores and family responsibilities. This is what you would commonly hear from parents. Family time is important. Raising a happy and well-rounded children takes an intentional and purposeful time.  Our interconnected web of relationship via social media are well estabished. In fact, the average time spent on social media is nine hours a day (Asano, 2017). Nine hours a day...let that sink in.

    How much do we spend quality and interactive time with our family. The family right in front us. I once read a quote that says.." the most meaningful conversation you will have are from the ones right in fron of you".  Quality, purposeful, intentional and interactive time with our family is essential. For kids, they feel loved and important, for older kids, they will feel a sense of belonging. Parents can destress too just by spending time, making positive memories with the whole family.  How do we strengthen family time? Here's a few tip on how we can strengthen and bond with your family.

    Note: There is a product recommendation at the below. Please know that I will not recommend a product that I do not believe in. I did receive the product for free to review and try with my family. Regardless of the recommendation, I stand by the importance of strenthening family time.

    1. Ask every member of the family what is their idea of family fun. Start by asking them with ideas that doesn't cost money.
    2. Do not bring your work to your home.
    3. Eat dinner together.
    4. When you have to get chores and errands done, make it a family affair.
    5. Schedule dates. Movie nights at home are inexpensive.
    6. Saying no to commitments to prioritize family time.
    7. Cook or bake together.
    8. Log off at 7pm. Unplug and put your cellphones away.
    9. Schedule blocks of time for chores or your to do list. Set a timer.
    10. Go to church together.

     About Family Honor Plate
    The virtues are listed in the center of the plate for mom and dad to use as their anchor, their moral compass to guide them in how they need to show up for and to their children. This is how our children learn what character (Christ's Character) is, what it looks like, what it feels like. Our children are watching us and learning from us.
    Step #2 BE ON THE LOOKOUT:
     Look for the good choices and attitude your kids/spouse are making and showing throughout the day. Track it back to the virtues and character it shows.
    Turn dinnertime into a celebration when you catch someone making good choices and showing good character and present their meal on the FAMILY HONOR PLATE. This is when you: · Talk about the choices they made and the virtues and character that it showed (Be specific). Talk about how they made everyone involved feel and the impact they had on people and how that is POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

    Included in the box:
    Ceramic Family Honor Plate to be painted by YOU!
    8 Vibrant USA-made enamel paints
    3 Paint brushes
    1 Painter's palette
    1 Plate stand
    Bonus Pack of Sample Table Thyme Discussion Starters
    Online Support through Parenting and Instructional videos created to encourage and support you.


         Every question is followed up with "Why?" to take everyone's answers to a deeper more intimate level. That's where the magic is and the real conversation starts. So now when even a simple question such as..."What is your favorite dessert?" for example, rather than someone answering "Apple Pie" and then moving on to the next person, the whole family gets to walk down memory lane because it reminds them of Grandma Smith who always made apple pies with them when they came to visit." Her house always smelled of fresh baked pies and she gave the best hugs when we walked in the door." Communication is the key to connecting, building and maintaining healthy relationships. When we are raise our children to be confident in their ability to communicate with others and get their point across, situations are less stressful and they have better outcomes.

     Meet Michelle, the loving mama on a mission: 

    To purchase the products: SEE HERE.

    Sunday, December 3, 2017

    Why is Child Evangelism Important

    Do you believe that children are the most important part of a church? They have the most innocent,  open and pure heart. Delilo of International Network of child Ministry said , "What is rooted in the heart of a child is almost impossible to uproot in the life of an adult". I truly believe that statement. I have mentioned in a blog post,  The Importance of Life-giving Words to our Children, how important it is to speak life in our children. How we speak , becomes their inner voice. 

    It is also known how Jesus Christ loves little children. You can read the book of  Matthew 19:14. I invite you to read it and reflect on that. The little children are important and loved by Jesus, those little children that makes us tired, grumpy at times and can push us to our limit. I am telling you all of this real mom feelings because first they are normal, parents are NOT perfect. Second, I understand that in the midst of hard parenting, we are also tasked to help them develop into decent human being. My question for you is, "What and who exactly do you want your children to become"?

    Me and my husband's answer will be: We want our children to grow up to know and love God. We want our children to know the reason why Jesus came and the message of His death. We want them to make mistakes and learn from it. We want our children to understand grace, forgiveness and courage. We want them to excel in whatever their hearts desire. We want to lead by example and not conformity. In fact, I can go on and on. 

    As parents, Child evangelism starts in your own home. You can also pay attention to how your church handles their resources with their children ministry. 

    "When you look at most churches–their programming, their staff, and their budgets–it appears that children must first become prodigals, then we will go about putting together elaborate programs and events to save them" -- Damon DeLilo (INCM).

    You can have devotional nights before they go to bed. You can the importance of family devotionals HERE. During Summer, you can sign them up for Vacation Bible School. Give books, devotionals, toys that lead them to the Lord.  If your child loves play dates, invite and reach out, have a craft night. Pinterest has a plethora of Bible-based crafts. Most importantly, let us strive to lead by example. Trust me, I know it is not easy. This is by far, the hardest part I think. Just take comfort knowing that you will not be alone on this journey. Parenting is not a single parent job, not even a two parent job. In my household it is, my husband and the Lord. In raising our children, there are things that we are not in control, things that we can not understand and things that we can not change. Only God can.

    Note: This is a product recommendation and I received a product in exchange for my honest review. Please know that I will NOT recommend any products that does not adhere to our values and beliefs. The links from Let the Children Come are NOT an affiliate links, however the Amazon links from other blog post are affiliate links.

    Here's an amazing child evangelism tool. This fun and interactive way to share the gospel with kids will surely entertain them.  Let The Little Children Come aims to provide effective gospel tracts and evangelism tools and resources for children. It is the hope that these tools and resources will help you in conveying the powerful gospel message to children. the gospel tracts are all specially designed to capture and hold the attention of children, while not distracting them from the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

    Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing a sample for review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. While I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review, I stand by the importance of child evangelism and ways to reach out to them.

    Don't forget to pin and share!

    Saturday, December 2, 2017

    The Stable Cat's Christmas and a GIVEAWAY

    Teaching our kids what Christmas is all about is a hard job at this age. Commercialism is rampant. As soon as the Halloween is over, Christmas related products are already popping out in the stores. We tell our kids that we are a "one holiday at a time" family. It is easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. While all the kids know the story of the birth of our Savior, as parents how do we spread the message of Christmas.

    Last, 2015 I had shared 15 Charities That Help Support Children .I think that it is important to share and bless others, most especially to unfortunate kids.  I had also shared ,To the Momma Who Can't Afford Christmas,  sometimes it is not only when we "have" that we tend to forget about giving but also when we faced scarcity. The Stable Cat's Christmas is a really good reminder that just when you think you do not have anything to offer, you will be surprised that you can actually give something to honor Jesus Christ.

    Here's our 8 year old, enjoying the book.

     I aksed her how did she liked the book, she answered: Mommy, its a two thumbs up. And she continued to tell me the whole story and how much she likes how the cat helped Jesus.

    About the book:
    Publication Date: October 3, 2017
    Author/Illustrator: Christina S. Vrba/Gail Yerrill
    Price: $16.99
    Format: Jacketed hardcover
    Page Count: 32 Ages: 4–7

    About the Author:

     Christina S. Vrba lives and works in northwestern Connecticut. When not spinning tales, Christina loves poking about in comic book shops and the children’s sections of bookstores, spending time with her husband and son, and caring for her personal menagerie of creatures, including dogs, cats, gerbils, and two much-loved goldfish.

    About the Illustrator:

    Gail Yerrill lives in a village in Bedfordshire, England with her husband, two children, and two very naughty-but-cute cats. After earning her degree in 1998, she became a freelance illustrator and designer of greeting cards and gift wrap for Marks & Spencers, and has also illustrated items for Harrods and the BBC among others. She has illustrated many books for well-known publishers, several of which are translated into many languages. Gail is known for her soft, whimsical style which is loved by children and adults alike.

    About the Publisher:

    Worthy Publishing Group is a privately held, independent voice in inspirational publishing, based in Nashville, TN. Worthy includes five distinct imprints: Worthy Books publishes inspirational works addressing spiritual growth, biblical study, faith and culture, biography, fiction, and specialty Bibles; Museum of the Bible Books is a partnership between Worthy and the Museum, publishing books that reveal the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible; Ellie Claire produces beautifully crafted journals, gifts, and paper expressions; Worthy Inspired publishes felt-need, spiritual growth, inspirational, and devotional books; and WorthyKids/Ideals creates colorful, interactive children’s books, including VeggieTales and Berenstain Bears, for ages 2 to 8.

    Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to WorthyKids/Ideals for providing a prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.