Have You Thanked The Man In Your Life Lately

We don't need to wait for fathers day to show gratitude , love and appreciation to the most important man in your life..

your husband ,your boyfriend..your partner.

We sometimes unconsciously put too much attention on how busy we are

how hard it is to be a mom

the things only women can do

how hard it is at home, staying on top of everything.

We forget that our husband's cup also can get full. 

There are small , many things our husbands do that we sometimes fail to appreciate.

To my husband , who never questions and argues with any sales that I seldom miss :)

For leaving sweet notes on our message board..a.k.a bathroom mirror. You don't wait for mothers day or birthday to remind me how appreciated I am.

When I get some unneeded comments about being a stay at home mom , when sometimes other people thinks that I can nap anytime that I want or I'm just home all day doing nothing..because I can still blog  and I don't work.. YOU NEVER FAIL TO REMIND ME..that I am NOT JUST a stay at home mom. You remind me that what I do matters.. a lot.

 For giving me a bible passage when times are tough  . Reminding me that God is in control ,

Even at my heaviest ..9 month pregnancy.. You make me feel that I am the lightest woman. Ever. For always calling me sexy .. gorgeous..even when my hair really needs some serious brushing.

You love your daughters , You just don't tell them you love them ..you show it.


You make time.

In spite of telling me that you actually don't smile in photos.. You still do it anyway :)

... because you know how I love taking pictures.

You help me a lot..

When I refuse to admit that I snore too.. you leave it at that. You choose your battles.

 for these nights..

and for these days..

We are silly and we laugh together. I love you because we are not an uptight couple.

For working so hard so I can stay at home with the kids , for all that you do.. I thank the Lord for you.

Now , its your turn..Count all the ways that your man have been blessing you.

I would love to connect with you! 


Thank you for stopping by and know that all of your comments are appreciated !