Monday, November 11, 2013

Pray for Philippines

      It is Monday and most of us are back with our usual routine.  But this Monday is different for me..different for my country. My country suffered the most damaging typhoon in decades. It hit a province..where the lives are simple and humble. Many have died. Including people who evacuated in the church where they thought they would be safe..but they were not. They too drowned. I would like to ask all my readers , my fellow bloggers for prayers for my country . Philippines. 
I have lived in the United States for 10 years but that is my HOME. It is my heart and soul. Parents finding their kids dead body. Casualties all over the road because they do not have any place to put the bodies anymore. They don't have anything to eat nor a house to go home too..the province was wiped out. Casualties could go up to 10,000. Help is on the way .15 countries have pledge to help Philippines. 
     But we need prayers..for those who have passed..for those who was left behind. Prayers for strength to face another day..for hope to rebuild and resiliency to face the future.
  This too shall pass.

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