PHRASEOLOGY..must know terms!

SS Smart Source AND  RP Red Plum --this are coupon inserts from Sunday newspapers (pls note that not all Sundays have coupons, or not all Sundays will have both)

 $1/1, etc. :: Indicates the value of a coupon, $1 off 1 item in this instance but could be any value, $4/2 ($4 off 2 items), $0.25/1 ($0.25 off 1) etc.
AC= After coupon
 BOGO/B1G1 = Buy One Get One
CATALINA = Coupon printed at register after purchased
DND = Do not Double (Some coupons have this lang)
DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that grocery store doubles in value
EB/ECB = ExtraCare Bucks (CVS)
FAR = Free After Rebate
MIR = Mail in Rebate
OOP = Out of Pocket
P&G = Proctor & Gamble (Newspaper Insert)
Peelie = Coupon you peel off package
RR = Rebate Rewards (Walgreens)
STACKING = Using stores allow multiple use of coupons – manufacturer’s & store coupons or rebates.
TEAR PAD = A pad of coupons or MIR near a product or on display
WYB= When You Buy
IPQ, IP :: Internet Printable coupon
MFG, MFR :: Manufacturer
MQ :: Manufacturer’s Coupon

E Coupons ( printable coupons from a coupon database website such as or the stores Target -- yep just in case you lived in a cave for a long time they do have coupons online)

LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE -  means that you cannot use a bunch of identical coupons when you’re only buying one product. It also refers  to your ability to use one coupon per item.  Meant to enforce the point that you may not use two of the exact same coupon for one item.

Read More about this.

 LIMIT ONE COUPON PER TRANSACTION - This means limit 1 like coupon per transaction (or per tender). If you are buying 2 bottles of Salad Dressing and you have 2 coupons, you will only be allowed to use 1 of the same coupons in one transaction.  In this case, you could pay separately for each Salad Dressing in order to use your 2 coupons.


Healthy Essentials ( Johnson & Johnson )

Target Coupons 

   ** Also check Cartwheel by Target 



Couponing For Begginers 

Organize your coupons:

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